Stop! Dead End!

After howling winds blew most of the night from 9:30 pm to 4:00 am, the sky was full of smoke in the morning. The winds had fanned the fires burning in New Mexico. If you are feeling the burn it could be because Uranus is “very close to Sun…” Uranus rises at 5:28 am on May 17th, and it’s “just 10 degrees from the Sun in the sky, so it is difficult or impossible to see it.”

Paul (lower left) and Mary (upper right) were still in the big cottonwood that the nest is in.

Peter, Paul, and Mary this evening.


50 thoughts on “Stop! Dead End!

    • Wow the sunsets are smoking hot.
      I never even read about these veldt fires out your way. We also have these in the south of my country and when the wind comes up it can rage destroying everything in its path.

      I love the three little owlie birds and I am delighted to see that there is a Mary amongst them.
      A trinity.

      • If you look at the world fire map, a lot of Africa is on fire at any given time. Thanks, abvr.

  1. An alien orange sky with the sun shining through the smoke. It does make for some beautiful sunrises and sunsets. How far are the fires from you? Stay safe, owls and creatures of the bosque too!

    • The fires are not very close,, but everything is dry and like a tinderbox. Thanks, Lavinia.

  2. Tim, the sky photos are gorgeous, but not the fires making them so. Glad they are at a distance. The owls have become like family, posing for you. 📚🎶 Christine

    • Sorry to say that they will be off on their own in the near future. Thanks, Jeff.

  3. Amazing skies, was that Uranus in to the right of the sun in one of your pictures as I see a dot on one photo.
    Glad to see the wind didn’t ruffle any feathers 😊

    • Thanks, Frank. It’s amazing how far the smoke from forest fires travels. We were getting a lot of smoke from California fires last year.

  4. How far afield will the youngsters go to establish their own territory? It is fascinating to think of three more Owl families starting on their life quests.

    • Hi Maj & Sher. Once they go out on their own, I have no idea how far and wide the go to make their own lives. There used to be at least six pairs of GHOs near us, but with the drought, Mama and Daddy have persisted, and I hear the owls to the north. I don’t see the others at all these days.

  5. Always love nature and the critters…I’m sure you’ve seen Wayne’s blog post from Tofino her also makes the critters he documents…always a pleasure to see…have a fun time seeing them grow ~ sending joy hedy💫

  6. Hahaha! Took me a couple of looks to get the opening shot!
    I love it when you find those.
    Good grief! Dry and windy is not a great combo right now. I checked out a fire map. Albuquerque is in the clear, but somewhat surrounded. I hope it rains!!!!!!

  7. From Amanda, a winter storm watch, which likely will become a warning, has been issued from Friday afternoon into Saturday evening. The forecast is for 4-11 inches of snow. Until it arrives, it’s one red flag warning after one red flag warning. Like NM, Colorado is tinder dry. There’s a web site you may want to check out that determines your flood risk and fire risk. Enter your home address (or any other address), and the site will assign your risk factor. The site is

    • Here’s what has to say about our property:

      Our property “…has been identified as a non-residential or mixed use property. Risk Factor™ is not intended for commercial use. If you are interested in purchasing data on this property, you can get more information on bulk data purchases here or sign up to be notified when Risk Factor Pro™ launches and property reports for non-residential properties become available.”

      Not particularly useful. Our current forecast is for wind and 90º on Friday. Sunny and 86º on Sunday, cooling to 82º by Tuesday. We are apparently not partaking in your chill. Thanks, David.

  8. Stop sign is a warning not to look directly at the sun ha! From the smoke comments assume things are still burning out there.

  9. I’m going through my inbox (coz I have zero desire to work) and fell upon this forgotten one… Sigh.
    Smoke does make for beautiful images but oh, I wish you didn’t have to deal with any.

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