Mama & Owlet Action

Venus, Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn at 5:17 am. Jupiter is catching up to Mars.

Mama Owl in the top of the tree above Paul and Mary. Peter in the tree across the ditch.

Mary was napping, but then she popped right up when Mama brought her a mouse.

Feeding Mary and little more of whatever Mama had in her beak.

Paul was feeling left out.

“I want another mouse, Mama!” “Enough already!”

Paul finally got up onto the same branch with Mary.

Mary testing her wings.

Mama looking for another meal. She flies off the catch something.

51 thoughts on “Mama & Owlet Action

  1. Fantastic shots, Tim. Perusing the planets and thinking of how little we are in the scope of things, Mama Owl concentrates only on feeding her young in contrast. Thanks.

  2. I am thoroughly enjoying the owl and sky updates, Tim. I suppose it will be a little while yet before t he youngsters get their ear tufts.

    46 and raining up here this morning.

  3. So, Peter is the oldest?
    He is still quite fluffy.
    Paul is the youngest?
    Anyway, PP&M are getting big, so mama and daddy must need to catch a lot of mice and gophers.
    Way to go mama!

    • Peter is the oldest, Paul is the middle owlet, and Mary is the youngest. They keep Mama and Daddy busy. Thanks, Resa.

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