The Plan

“Hey, Mary do you think you can make the flight?” “I’m not sure. I need more practice!”

“I’ll give it a try!” “High beak!”

“Hahahaha! I think we can do it!”

Paul and Mary were very active tonight flying from one spot to another on the tree. I will not be surprised if they fly to the trees between the ditches tonight.

60 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. These owlets seem to have grown so rapidly. πŸ™‚ I love seeing their journey through your images.

    • Since the cottonwood is almost dead, they are really trying to get over to the trees with leaves so they can have shade. I think Paul is waiting for Mary. He demonstrated that he can fly pretty well tonight. Thanks, Susan.

  2. I’d be feeling quite sad to see them go in a way. Of course it’s a good thing! If your photos of this family were in a book, I’d look at it all the time. I’ve enjoyed seeing the progression of their growth. Really awesome shots Timothy.

  3. Nothing better than having your own cheering section!
    This is wonderful to watch and I have to agree with Sylvia, a little sad when they will leave.

    • I think they have a way to go on growing all the way around. Thanks, Maj & sher.

      • oh you’re so welcome.
        I don’t want them to go. I would be much stricter than you but what would I do?! lol it’s good they are having fun!
        Can’t wait to see them tomorrow.πŸ™

    • I hope no one. I don’t like that song. I was going through Peter, Paul and Mary’s song list and realized they didn’t anything I liked.

      • Haha! I don’t like their music. Yet, I do like a lot of folk music. Many greats came from that place.
        Speaking of not liking …… my no account father called, as I went to try and sew again.
        I should not have answered the phone.
        He thinks his stories about his reckless youth are funny. That’s when he abandoned us. I told him he was bringing sad memories to my mind, and hung up.

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