New Owls

“Ah! Mama! There’s a weird Paparazzo pointing a bazooka at us.”

Yesterday, David, a neighbor to the north, said he saw two owlets down by where he lives. We went to check it out and only saw an adult owl. I went back to see if they were out tonight. Not only were they out, but the owlet’s mama was also feeding one of them a squirrel.

This owlet looks like the older of the two.

The mama was not too sure about the pesky Paparrazo.

Cows at sunset

Mary and Paul were still plotting their flight across the ditch tonight. Peter is still waiting for them.

54 thoughts on “New Owls

    • Gosh for one moment I thought the older owl a cat perched like that.
      The way these owlies and love birds can camouflage is just remarkable.
      Whoop whoop
      New Owlies in the wood

      The paparazzi with his bazooka
      Made me crackle πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      So typical…lol

  1. A new family! “Yours” is more used to you and have blessed you with the ability to really share their daily lives.

  2. They are the cutest. I keep looking for the squirrel in the picture… did you get the shot?
    What a treat that sky is. I can’t bare them to leave. πŸ’–

    • The mama is pulling a piece off the squirrel in the first photo. You can see the squirrel’s arm. You can see its body and tail on the cottonwood under mama’s foot in the other photos. Thanks, Cindy.

      • oh I have to go look again. wow… Nature at its best.. I’ve been chasing lizards out of the mouths of the cats again in the house.. tis the season.You’re so welcome.

  3. My first post from you as I am back in BlogLand and what do I see… owls and a beautiful sunset. Thank you Timothy!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Aww, there’s no end to nature’s surprises where you live. More owls sound good to me.
    They should give the beaver their land back.
    That last shot must be the most spectacular shot of cows at sunset ever taken. Cows are so cute!

    • Thanks, Resa. At least they haven’t taken out the beaver dams this year so far. Maybe the fire chief talked some sense into the conservancy. He needs the water behind those beaver dams if the bosque catches on fire.

      • They are a perfect example of if you want to know what a government programs or agency really does, take their name and apply the opposite. Our conservancy conserves nothing. Instead they destroy everything they touch.

  5. Hell of GH Owl re-population you got going on down there Tim. We have had zero activity in our woods of any Owls for the last month or so…hoping the Barred start showing up again soon … still need a shot of one for this year’s count.

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