Frolicking Flycatchers

A couple of Flycatchers were frolicking in a tree under the bright morning sun.

Mary and Daddy Owl

Paul trying to get a little shade from the branch above him.

Mary and Paul in the morning and at dusk.

Peter was high in a cottonwood across the ditch from the nest enjoying the shade in the morning. At dusk, he was on a different branch where he had a good view of the Clearwater ditch and bosque. He was much harder for me to see between the leaves and branches.

The moon was at 96.9% full tonight. It doesn’t pass the meridian tomorrow night, and it will be eclipsed into a super flower blood moon.

46 thoughts on “Frolicking Flycatchers

  1. Frolicking flycatchers!
    I dunno… Paul looks a tad scrawny…
    Great pic of the moon! I took it earlier when the sky was still blue…

    • Paul is stretching himself out trying to keep cool. It makes him look a little bit like he’s been plucked. I won’t be surprised if he flies over with Peter tonight. Are your skies forecast to be clear for the eclipse? Thanks, Dale.

      • I can tell he’s stretching. I’m sure you’ll keep us posted on their happenings.
        Looking at the weather app I am not optimistic. Rain and fog and we shall see! I’ll be up and looking for it.
        I took a few fun shots with my cell and my camera this evening. Shared the cell ones on IG but haven’t the camera ones yet.

  2. I’ve never seen a flycatcher, well, in books, that’s all. Thanks for grabbing them for inclusion, Tim. The Owls are shooting up in size. The moon shot is excellent!

  3. Family portraits of all today. Your captures put us right in the middle of the Owl family, Tim. Flycatchers’ animation were also successfully captured as well.

  4. Dear Timothy,
    thanks for sharing these great shots.
    Wishing you all the best
    The Fab Four of Cley
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  5. The little owls are still pretty fuzzy, but looking more like their parents. I also enjoyed the flycatcher series, and it was good to see the moon. Even with clouds it was bright last night, and I could see a lot out there.

  6. do they call them flycatchers because they catch flies Tim?
    you need to play a song by Peter, Paul and Mary and maybe they won’t leave.. haaha πŸ˜‚
    Wow that moon!!

    • That’s exactly why the are flycatchers. Hmmm! Β‘No me gusta la mΓΊsica de Peter, Paul y Mary! “Leaving on a Jet Plane!” might be most appropriate for the owlets flying out of the nest. Thanks, Cindy.

  7. Paul is looking a tad thin. Although he does look tall.
    Peter looks fat.
    Mary looks perfect!
    LOL! I’m an owl doctor, not!
    Sweet shots.

    • Peter looks the same when he stretches out. There’s not a lot of meat on their hollow bones under all their feathers. Mama probably weighs four or five pounds, no more that six pounds. They are very lightweight for their size. Thanks, Resa.

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