Tripping On The Iris Lights Fantastic

We did not see the Peter, the owlet that flew the coop, tonight. He might have flown over to the bosque. Paul, the larger of these two, looks like he’s ready to fly. But poor little Mary still has some growing to do.

67 thoughts on “Tripping On The Iris Lights Fantastic

  1. Peter, Paul and Mary are great names for the owlets. I hope Peter will come back to see his siblings off. How long does it take before they are hunting on their own?

    The irises are especially beautiful. I remember you saying once that you were not that fond of them, but they are gorgeous.

    Back to rain up here tonight, and I am pleased to see the moon over New Mexico again. She is almost full.

    • Marina named the owlets. They will get back together when they all fly to the bosque. The moon will be at 99.6% on the 16th. It doesn’t pass the meridian on the 15th, and it will be eclipsed on the 15th. As I mentioned, it was 30 degrees this morning. It got up to 84 this afternoon. It’s down to 56 now, so it might freeze again by morning. Thanks, Lavinia.

  2. Gorgeous pics Timothy. I love Irises and Orchids. My fave Aunt is named Iris. Not having a green thumb I’m concerned about this beautiful Purple orchid I got for Mother’s Day. I’m following the instructions but several petals are already looking limp. Any suggestions? Thank you for these amazing photos. Always a delight to see the owlets.

    • Thanks, Holly. I don’t know a lot about orchids. Depending the type, yours might be at the end of it’s blooming cycle. Following the instructions should keep it going as long as it feels like going.

  3. Hope you’re ready for the lunar eclipse Sunday night.. At least, it’ll occur at a friendlier time than at some insane middle of the night time. Happy viewing.

  4. Excellent flowers nice colour and owls are just so cute! Beautiful shot thanks for sharing with the superb moon.πŸ™πŸ»

  5. Egads, the Iris are beautiful and elegant. They make me think of gowns.
    The opening shot is prize worthy.

    Oh, speaking of gowns, I made a trip to the only fabric place in Toronto that has black poly voile. (Char’s gown) It took all of my day, but it was worth it to see this fabric place. It’s a warehouse/wholesaler that was not open to the public prior to the pandemic. Not many people sew anymore, so there were not a lot of fabric shops to begin with. Over the pandemic, many just closed.
    Anyway, this place has a lot of old discontinued fabric that are in my Art Gowns price range $2.00 – $4.00/yd.
    I paid $9.00 yd. BUT it is 120 inches wide!!!!!! So, as most fabrics are 45 – 60 inches wide, it was in my Art Gowns range.
    I’m thrilled. It’s perfect for Charlotte’s gown. Anyway, I’ll stop here. I’ll wear you out later in an email.

    • Sounds like you had a good fabric trip. I don’t know what fabric stores are open around here these days. Thanks, Resa.

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