Flew The Coop


The oldest owlet has flown to a cottonwood between the clearwater ditch and the irrigation ditch.

Daddy Owl looking over at the two still at the nest.

A Blue Grosbeak hanging out at dusk.

Beavers at dusk

61 thoughts on “Flew The Coop

  1. The owlets are growing up fast! It won’t be long before the other two are testing their wings. Daddy owl is a handsome fellow.

    It is good to see the “bite ’em on the old shin bone” beaver. Hopefully this year their dam is in a place no one will bother them. Sunrise and moon always a pleasure to see. It cleared during the night here and was 32 degrees this morning. That is not supposed to last long.

    • It was 30 this morning here. So far the beavers dams are in tact. Thanks, Lavinia.

  2. Gorgeous sunrise!
    Wow! So will the oldest owlet go back to the nest? Or is he on his own now?
    They grow up so fast.
    That Grosbeak looks like a blue Cardinal. Very nice! Although, I don’t think I have ever seen a red cardinal in real life. Looks a little bit like a Blue Jay. I’ve seen a lot of those.
    Beavers are so cute. They always seem to be working. Thank you for the pics, Tim!

    • Busy as a beaver! Mama and Daddy with still feed all three. As they fly out of the nest they will have to start learning to hunt for themselves. Thanks, Resa.

      • They are not catching yet. M & D Owls will continue to feed them after they have all flown the coop. Thanks, Resa.

    • Thanks, Heidi. We have a good variety of wildlife, and wild skies to complement the wildlife.

  3. What happens to the owlets after that have grown, Tim? I remember following the Owlets last year as they grew up. Do they find their way back to this place or do they find other places to build nexts?

    • Hi Rebecca. They will fly off to fend for themselves around July to August. I don’t think they come back here since Mama and Daddy stay here year-round. It takes them two years to become sexually mature.

    • Thanks, Teagan. It’s fun to have all the critters. I really like your avatar photo.

    • Oh, thanks. My profile pic was a couple of years old. I took a new one and decided to try that app that’s making the rounds. It made me look way too much better than reality. But I figured, what the heck?

  4. Been away for awhile – the oldest one grew up fast – won’t be long before he starts asking to have the car on Friday nights.

  5. There is always that one that needs to go out into the world sooner than the others!
    Hope he was old enough to do so…

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