Pink Moon

April’s full moon is called the Pink Moon. It rose with orange and pinks in the sky at sunset.

Happy Easter from the Easter Bunny and Easter Beaver!

Pink Moon shining yellow in Tiffany’s, Gigi’s, and Resa’s Trees.

70 thoughts on “Pink Moon

    • I tried to get the beaver to give me an Easter Splash but he wouldn’t do it. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  1. And a happy Easter to you all, too! Those skies are awesome, and thank you for the moon views. It is overcast and raining up here tonight. We got just enough of a break at sundown tonight to see a rainbow in the east, and it lasted about 5 minutes.

      • What magnificent skies and photographs
        Such a beauty glowing upon you and regulating the tide
        Happy Easter
        You are so blessed to have the pink moon come upon you with so much glory.

        This side of the globe she is hidden from us.

      • We are on opposite sides of the globe from all directions. Thanks, abvr.

  2. Thanks for showing another collection of your amazing photographs! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. We have a tradition to celebrate the Easter Weekend with chocolade eggs, lots of them…

    • I got various chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies for the occasion. Thanks, Herman. Happy Easter chocolate and espresso.

  3. Happy Easter, dear Tim!
    Love the Easter Bunny, and the Easter Beaver is a massive bonus!
    Our trees, especially mine are stunning with the yellow pink moon.
    Where you live looks like resurrection.

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