Cross-Eyed Mama

Mama Owl was giving me a cross-eyed look. She had a little surprise for me.

I told Daddy Owl I made my 666-day streak in Duo Lingo. He looked rather devilish in my honor.

Top of a fuzzy head to ya! A little fuzzy head was popping up next to Mama Owl. Not long before we will see a fuzzy little face peeking over the edge of the nest.

40 thoughts on “Cross-Eyed Mama

    • Since I just found this comment in spam, you didn’t have to wait long for the wowlet to show up. Thanks, Gabriela.

    • We are very fortunate the owls don’t attack us. They can be very fierce, and their talons and the force of their grip can cause serious injuries. Thanks, Resa.

  1. An ominous number on such a wonderful sight ha! I laughed at the last shot – like she was telling you to go that away with her ears.

    • They can be suprisingly expressive with their ear tufts. The last shot made me think about semaphore. Thanks, Brian.

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