Cormorant Quartet

Clear morning with Venus, Mars, and Saturn

One Cormorant turned into three Cormorants turned into four.

Cormorants are silly birds

Daddy Owl keeping an eye on Mama Owl

Cloudy afternoon

48 thoughts on “Cormorant Quartet

  1. Love these! The cormorants make me think of boobies with their feet. And I love the details of the feathers. Wonderful grouping.

    • Cormorants are so silly. Especially when the sun themselves. No sun this afternoon so they just be’d plain silly. Thanks, Dale.

      • I was waiting to see if they were going to be sillier, but two women paddled by in a canoe and scared off the Cormorants.

      • People in kayaks, canoes, inner tubes, pool toys, and on paddle boards mess up a lot of shots for me by scaring away the critters I’m photographing. Most of the time the paddlers and floaters have boomboxes blaring music while they are paddling and floating down the river. I don’t get the need for music when your out in nature.

      • I never understood that, either. I want to hear nature’s sounds. And ugh to all the people (at least they don’t use motorized boats).

      • I’d be one of the kayakers, sorry! It’s one of the few forms of exercise I don’t hate and you do get a cool view being on the water. But I don’t get bringing the loud boomboxes in a canoe or something. Don’t people worry about their stuff getting wet?

      • I’ve wondered about the wetness factor, but they either have water tight boomboxes or they don’t care. I don’t mind the kayaks, paddle boards and canoes. I use to canoe down the Rio Grande with a friend from Cochiti Dam to beaver point every summer when I was a teenager. 40 miles. We had some exciting times doing that. Thanks, JYP.

  2. 💛One Cormorant turned into three Cormorants turned into four.💛

    Wow, how i long to visit this place where Comorants nest, bathe, eat and play.

    Love these pics.

  3. A beautiful dawn sky, Tim. We’ve had too many heavy clouds up here to see it. Snow mixed with rain this morning!

    The photos are beautiful, capturing the mood of the area. Cormorants and owls two very different personalities. I can’t wait until the little ones start popping up over the top of the nest.

    • I can’t hear them if they make any noise, but I’m sure whatever sound they make is silly. Thanks, Resa.

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