59 thoughts on “Flicka Dahling

  1. I’ve never heard of a flicker, Tim. Looked it up, part of the woodpecker clan. Gorgeous bird and shot, Tim! The wonderful owl family are a treasure on your doorstep. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, Dale. The flicker was pretty close. Usually they fly into branches that make them hard to photograph. This one was a good model. The owls are always close by. They’re like, “Oh brother. There’s that pesky paparazzo again!”

      • The flicker was feeling jealous of your owl relationship… Came to see what was going on. ๐Ÿ˜‰ A little competition!

  2. Love the flicker and owl photos today, Tim. Itโ€™s great that you got so close to them. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  3. Beautiful shots of that flicker. We have a pair of those that frequent our backyard. Startled me a bit when I first saw them because of their size compared to most of our local avians.

    • Thanks, Ed. Flickers are good sized birds. The hawks like them. Once I saw a flicker with a Cooper’s Hawk on its tail fly by me. The flicker flew straight toward a cottonwood, veering off at the last instant. The hawk had to hit the brakes and bounced off the cottonwood. It was a brilliant maneuver by the flicker.

      • LOL. That’s awesome. We did have a family of Red-tailed Hawks living in a nearby tree last year. It was wonderful to watch the fledglings learn to fly. At one point we had the three adolescents playing in the water when our sprinklers were on. One of the adults was on a nearby fence watching them… like… a hawk!

      • That’s what they do. Daddy owl owl watches the owlets like a hawk, and every one in a while a hawk makes the mistake of checking out the owlets. Daddy takes out the hawk before it knows what happened and the owlets get hawk for dinner. This happened a couple of seasons ago, and when the owlets got older another hawk would pester them. It would taunt them threaten the owlets and fly into them, but Mama and Daddy owl stood by. I guess they didn’t see the hawk as a threat once the owlets were bigger than the hawk, but still half the size of Mama and Daddy. I have a feeling that was the mate of the hawk Daddy owl took out trying to get revenge.

  4. The flicka Dahling is so unusual and beautiful Tim!
    Iโ€™ve never seen one before. So excited a Hawk visited me yesterday so close. It make my day. ๐Ÿ’•โค๏ธ

  5. Ha! I got beat to the finish line. By Tiffany. I was gonna say I might have a go at sketching/painting the flicker… (Might still do though,…)
    Have a nice week-end.

  6. Damn, those claws look deadly! Those Flickers tend to creep me out – enjoy looking at them, but then they start up with that evil clown call and my coulrophobia kicks in (although, I contend it isn’t an irrational fear!).

    • Although fear of clowns is considered irrational, I think it’s totally rational. I never liked clowns, and I think it’s perfectly rational to fear the clowns that run governments. Thanks, Brian.

  7. That is a beautiful bird I have never heard of or seen before. The owls look particularly radiant in these gorgeous photographs. Those talons are amazingly big and could do some real damage to a smaller creature. Thanks Tim.

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