Snow Moon = Crow Moon

Dawn from the Corrales Post Office

Moon phases from February 4th through February 15th.

56 thoughts on “Snow Moon = Crow Moon

  1. Thank you for the lovely photos, Tim. The crows and moon were interesting shots. And like the previous comments stated, I also love the photo where you show the moon phases.

  2. What a collection of amazing shots, Tim.
    The clouds broke a little this morning, and I tried to get some shots of the moon, but they were not very good, still, I put them on the blog. Cheers, Sir!

  3. The year of Crows. Great pics Timothy. I didn’t expect to see the moon and crows in the same photo. Today the cutest Oriole was upset with me , tweeting her head off from a nearby branch where I was sweeping some leaves off the walkway. I suspect she had a nest but I couldn’t spot it. So cute. I went inside just to ease her mind. 😊

    • Thanks, Maj & Sher. I made a 180º panorama on the river as the background image last night. I cut out a moonshot from each day from 2/4 to last night (it was cloudy on 2/3 so I missed that super sliver moon), pasted the cut moons on the background image and then arranged them in an arc. Each moon phase is relatively close to the position it was in the sky around 5:30 pm each day.

  4. For some reason every time I see your moon phase series I think of a game of Angry Birds.. then you go and add shots of real angry birds (crows) for the Internet win!

  5. Those moon phases and moon clouds and stars photos are really impressive!

    I’m also impressed that you went to the post office at dawn. When I think of the places I would like to be at dawn, the post office is not at the top of my list. But the clouds in that photo are pretty amazing.

    • Thanks, JYP. We have a PO box. I didn’t feel like stopping for mail on the way home Monday (two left turns with lots of traffic), so I got it on the way into work on Tuesday morning (two right turns with little traffic).

  6. It’s so neat the way you do the moon phases.
    Is it a bunch of shots cobbled together… or is it 1 photo that you keep shooting over, somehow?

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