Crow Moon @ Dawn

Crow Moon setting at Dawn.

Daddy Owl with the Crow Moon in the trees below.

Stormclouds forming

The moon was 99.4% full last night and it did not pass the meridian. The moon is 99.6% full tonight but with the cloud cover, I could not see the moon rise tonight.

57 thoughts on “Crow Moon @ Dawn

  1. That’s a cute little brown jobber – also looks like a nice flock of Sandhills in the last shot! Not sure what weather you are looking at, but we are due for 5-10 inches of snow with 45 mph winds starting tonight… oh, and of course a good layer of rain first to make it nice and slick here in the Midwest – it’s gonna be a snow angel day tomorrow!

    • The forcast is for rain at 2:00 am and then start snowing at 3:00 am and snow all day tomorrow. I’ll believe it when I see it. Thanks, Brian.

  2. Love that moon between the branches. And Jack Sparrow is a handsome fellow!
    Always beautiful pics. The wind is so crazy here, the clouds have been flying by…

  3. Your setting moon photo is a beautiful composition, and I enjoyed all these photos for their beauty and peacefulness. The sparrow has some rather striking markings.

    We have a mostly clear evening here with full moon, starry sky and a large chorus of tree frogs singing in the night. One of my favorite kind of evenings! The temperature is 40 degrees and dropping.

  4. That Crow [+] Moon is gorgeous and then I take my eyes further down and the journey begins… You and painter are in perfect collaboration. I love the sea of clouds… and then I go back up, to that Moon & Crow shot. πŸ™

  5. wow the moon looks like the sun. I took one last night that was the same but I wanted it to look like the moon.. haha. All are stunning.. say hi to daddy Owl for me Tim.πŸ’–

  6. Every time I view your location, Tim, I think it should be included in an epic movie. The drama and exotic and diverse colours truly provide an environment for storytelling.

  7. There’s so much to like here, Tim. That first photo is so artistic. I love it and the play of light on water in all the sparrow pics. Of course your sky-scapes never fail to please.
    I don’t remember what story it was for, but in the past you let me use some of your mushroom photos. If it’s okay, I’m featuring them again in the next episode of The Armadillo Files.
    Hugs on the wing.

      • Much appreciated, Tim. I see that they are from 2013. I’ve been interested in them as supplements lately, and they managed to get into the story. Now for the energy to write the chapter. Not getting much sleep these days. Anyhow, take care.

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