47 thoughts on “Mothras’ Abstractions

    • Thanks, Dale. The tiny moths were all over fluttering, backlit by the sun. It was a challenge to focus on them because they moved quickly, but the few I got turned out really cool.

      • I’m happy you think so. I was on the levee near the THT tonight on my way to see the cranes. Some people walked under the tree where Daddy Owl was between the ditches across from the ditch from me. When they stopped to look at him, he flew over and landed on the tree right next to where I was walking and started posing. After several photos, I started on my way to the cranes. Daddy Owl swooped by me and landed on another tree ahead of me. He seems like he’s getting into these nightly photo sessions.

      • See? Your browlmance is real! You are definitely in cahoo-hoots! He knows he can trust you. That long nosey thing you point at him means him no harm. He’s ready for his closeup! 😊

      • Closeups as in upchuck and personal! Daddy owl is a hoot to be in cowlhoots with.

    • Thanks, JYP. The background is called bokeh. Lenses are often judged on the quality of the bokeh they produce. Many photographers try to make it subtle. I like the trippy, abstract quality by making it bold with lost of contrast.

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