Daddy Owl And The Moon

At dusk tonight, Daddy Owl was sitting under the moon. The moon is almost full at 93.9%. The full moon is on Wednesday. He was very patient with me getting very close, kneeling under him on the levee to get the moon circled around his head. At first, I was inside the minimum focus range of 11 feet for the Bazooka, so I have to scoot back a little.

Moon over Resa’s Tree with pink Sandias in the background.

85 thoughts on “Daddy Owl And The Moon

    • How the moon commandingly watches over the owl eerily wonderful.
      You handled both with great care in their interplay.
      Although the moon is such a glorious pearl set in the heavens, you do justice to the owl as well.

      Great lens and photo work.

      • Lol, thats true. He was the most difficult of the two. The moon remains constant.
        I’m glad he gave you a show.
        You most welcome.
        Enjoy your valentine 💝

  1. Now that is a great composition with the moon and the owl – still shocked it is that accommodating for you – especially with a formidable weapon aimed directly at it!

    • He’s not intimidated by no stinking bazooka. He knows he has a pair of formidable weapons on his feet. Thanks, Brian.

  2. Hey Timothy! It’s nice to see your pictures again. It’s Linda (AKA SpiritualFantasia), and I hope you are doing well! This isn’t really my personal blog website, just a website I built for a nonprofit. Anyways, I just I hope you are doing really well and that life is treating you good!

    • My positioning to get the moon behind Daddy Owl’s head was slightly contortionist. The Sandias turn pink most evenings, thus their name, which means watermelon in Spanish. Them there hills are 11,000 feet above sea level. Resa’s tree is at 5,000 feet. Thanks, D.

  3. Daddy owl with the moon is stunning. It’s a perfect crown for him! (Have they mated? Is there nest building going on?)
    Can’t beat my tree! Egads… of course I stole the pic.

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