Synchronized Rising

In the conjunction of Venus and Mars this morning, Venus rose 6º 34′ north of Mars. When I went out at 5:30 am Venus had risen above the trees, but Mars was still in the tress with two stars.

Zoomed in, Mars looks like it’s hanging off the bottom of the branches of Gigi’s tree.
About 15 minutes later, Venus was on the edge of Resa’s Tree and Mars was to the left above Gigi’s tree.
The Big Dipper was overhead, bearly showing in the predawn light.
At 6:00 am, Mars was above the left side of Gigi’s tree, but starting to fade in the light.
A few minutes after 6:00 am, Mars showed up very red.
A few minutes after I took this photo, Mars was consumed by Dawn’s yawning light.

47 thoughts on “Synchronized Rising

    • Thanks, Dale. I’ve been watching for Mars for a while, but by the time it was above the trees it was too light to see it. It’s still pretty far and faint right now. Venus has been super bright.

    • You need an iPhone 13. They have LiDAR which is the nigh vision radar used in self driving cars and other things. Thanks, Miriam.

  1. I love these shots of both Venus and the moon. Do you stay up all night when you do photography like this Tim? Just so beautiful, it was nice to see the movement at different times. Gorgeous!

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