Crows & Sparrows

Crows and Sparrows sound like it could be a game, but they were hanging out in Susan’s cottonwood just before sundown.

Sparrows taking flight

another group of sparrows

Mama Owl was doing some routine maintenance on her nest tonight.

Venus at Dawn

Crow highway at dusk

80 thoughts on “Crows & Sparrows

  1. Another beautiful gallery of the wildness that surrounds you, Timothy. I really liked seeing the crows and sparrows in their various comings and goings. Mama Owl is an exquisite silhouette. And the dawn overview with sparkling Venus is exquisite. Thanks for sharing all this beauty with us….

      • I did see Venus and I saw the gorgeous buttery moon at around 4:30a, but I cannot say I saw the conjunction. But I thank you for keeping me on my toes with the dawn skies, and I’ll try to do better on the conjunctions.

      • I got the conjunction. Mars was in the trees at first. By the time it came out of the trees it was fading. I got a couple of shots at a moment right before Mars faded into the light were it is really red.

    • At 4:00 pm there was a long line of crows flying north over our house. At 6:00 there was a long line of crows flying south over the river. They might just be flying in a big oval. Our house is about 1000 feet from the river. It seem like animals come and go in cycles. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  2. A beautiful selection of birds, and I can see the buds on the cottonwood tree. Spring isn’t that far off now! I wish Mama Owl success with her upcoming brood of chicks.

  3. I LOVE your “crow highway at dusk.” This is exactly the same highway I see every night. I look forward to seeing them wing their way home. It is like a benediction to a day welled lived.

    • They’ve been getting in a little “hootie”, as Holly called, in preparation for the little ones. Thanks, Brian.

  4. Okay, nest building going on! The deed must be done.
    Venus at my tree….erm, ahem….. I mean at dawn is an especially gorgeous shot, Tim.

      • Mama will be sitting on them with her ear stuffs showing. I’ll post photos when she starts sitting on her eggs.

      • I treated myself to sewing 1 seam on Shey’s green Art Gown, between dishes and pots.
        It’s a loooong seam, waist to ground.
        I’ll treat myself to another seam after pots.

      • Try making a gown! Then you have seams to look forward to. Then once the seams are done…it’s the tail!!!!!! and other decorations.

      • I really admire you for your ability to make such exquisite gowns. When it comes to sewing, I’m terrible. Fabric is too pliable, soft, and unpredictable. Wood is hard and easy to control.

      • Uh…. wood…. doubt that I will ever make a wood gown. It just doesn’t flow.
        I’m doing the skirt on the bias. Talk about unpredictable. Still, if I take it easy, it will be very fluid and beautiful.

  5. Venus at dawn, what an unbelievable shot Tim. We have been getting a lot of sparrows in our back yard as well lately and some crows but nothing like you are getting. Great shots Tim.

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