53 thoughts on “Birds @ Sunset

    • The punk ducks, are going to show the world what they had and what they got. I lovr how they skid in and make the water body their floating bed. They are so skilled at that.

      The horny owls are so shy and cute but they can’t hide the intentions, least of all from the cameraman in the wood.
      But they got a good story to back their hornyness, baby owl intentions.
      Love all the images.
      Who is the long’legged making great effort to find balance in the sky?

      • Hi abvr.The photo of the bird with its landing gears down is a Sandhill Crane. Thanks.

      • You welcome
        Exquisite, stunning pair of legs, and with those flappers she will twist a little with a graceless out of breath land.

  1. Beautiful photos of life on the Bosque, Tim. So many critters and landscapes! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. Oh wow, Timothy, this was a splendid series embracing the Rio Grande and the Sandias and all the beauty that surrounds you. The sunset photos are spectacular, great seeing your GHO friend in that light, fantastic series of the merganser, and a great treat to see the sandhill cranes. My favorite is that first photo. I sat with it for several minutes. Truly a treat, thank you.

  3. Ah, you have displayed all the lovely things! The THT, the Owl, the birds and the Sand Hill Cranes ( yesterday I saw a lone Sandhill Crane calling out, I assumed it had Lost it’s mate or baby) and the gorgeous sky ! Thank you dear Timothy.

    • Thanks, Rebecca. The bosque is a birding area and we get lots of birders coming through looking for some rare sightings. A lot of different birds follow the Rio Grande as part of the migratory routes. It really is a bird sanctuary in the bosque and along the river.

  4. A gluttony of beauty, no less!
    Meanwhile…. back in the snow banked streets of Toronto… a gluttony of yuck.
    Okay, the owls… nesting time?
    Need to get to Spunk’s post!

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