Loading Up The Z

Not a cloud in the sky tonight after several days of cloudy skies. We even got a little rain. The temperature was 28º F (-2.22º C) at sunset. It’s going to be really cold tonight.

We hired Cary with Cary’s Garage here in Corrales to get Tristan’s 1980 Datsun 280ZX back on the road. It’s been sitting under Gabriela’s cottonwood for the past 7 years. The starter had caught on fire in 2014, and we never got around to replacing it.

The footage Laurie took of the loading is quite entertaining.

Cranes flying into the sunset from a few nights back.

80 thoughts on “Loading Up The Z

  1. That is chilly! Beautiful photos. A project car that was a project to load onto the trailer. 😆 We have a project car – a ’69 VW convertible Karmann Ghia.😄 Good luck with yours.

    • With our dry climate old cars fare really well, even under a tree. That cottonwood doesn’t seem very sappy either so that helps. The paint damage is mostly the sun, and it seems the interior got hot enough to melt the hard plastic dash cap I put on the Z before it got parked, so its a little worse for the wear but the body has always been in pretty decent shape.

  2. Snow all day here. Not too cold… well.. not too warm either!
    That video was hilarious!
    Can’t believe you still had a Datsun hiding in your yard!

    • Thanks, Dale. It’s amazing what you can find around here. I’m happy you enjoyed the video, Be safe in the not too cold not too warm snow.

      • Snow is standard fare for your area I assume? We get a few inches of snow down here and all hell breaks loose. Not enough hell to melt the snow mind you, but enough to close schools and for a lot of drivers to run into each other.

      • That it is. I prefer snow to rain in the winter. Snow also usually means less cold. Of course, you guys are not used to having feet of snow!

  3. The photos of the Sandias and Cranes are beautiful, Tim, and Laurie, I enjoyed that car loading video. I hope the garage is able to fix everything up and get the car running again. 7 years is a long sit.

    • Cary will get it running. I gave him an old motorcycle that set for 20 years. He got in running in no time. Thanks, Lavinia;

    • Not too easy of a task. Laurie wasn’t out to film Tristan and I pulling the Z out with my truck to where we loaded it up. That was an adventure because the gophers had half buried the Z. Thanks, Herman.

  4. Lucky Tristan, I love Z’s! The loading was quite entertaining and reminded me of loading our Harley Eltraglide onto the back of the truck. One must ride it up the ramps, there was a broken wrist involved. Congratulations on a job well done. I enjoyed the show.

    • An Electraglide propably weighs a thrid of the Z. Getting one into a truck would be a much more daunting task. Thanks, Holly.

    • I rescued that Z from someone’s yard in 2004. I joke about it being my hundred dollar car, but I was very very fortunate to get it. When I got it it had 3 flat tires, and the radiator was busted and one of the freeze plugs was popped, so Cary and I got it back on the road, and then the ensuing years I did all kinds of work to it including a complete engine rebuild, replacing the suspension, and doing a ton of interior work. The starter catching fire parked it again and it’s just taken this long for everything to line up for it to get worked on again. I love that car though and it is so fun to drive.

    • My brother-in-law had a sweet 240Z. He got T-boned by a drunk driver, which totaled the car. Uniframes suck when it comes to getting hit.

      • As much as I liked them I never bought one, deeming it too impractical for surfing and camping. I have an older Subaru Impreza now, the closest thing I’ve owned to a sports car!

  5. Chilly here as well at night but the warm up is fabulous.
    The video was definitely entertaining.
    Enjoyed the cranes and sunset.

  6. Currently windchill at -10 back home – we are definitely liking this warmer Texas climate – although, I must say the 47, feels like 27 thanks to the 35mph winds on Galveston Island a couple of days ago didn’t win us over … now at Corpus Christie with high 70s so back to normal ha!

    • Windchill is noticeable for sure. You got some warm days in there. Thanks, Brian. Are you getting a good start on you annual bird goal?

      • This has been a really good start to the annual bird goal – which my brother and I are calling our “average” year as we are not at the crazy levels of the big year participants. 6 days in and we are already sitting at 95 and I’d say 80% of those are quality birds (unique to Texas Gulf Coast). Birding sunup to sundown not leaving anytime for posting at the moment. Tomorrow we head down to South Padre – fingers crossed the luck continues.

  7. That is a very entertaining video. 2014… no sense doing yesterday what you can put off until 2022.
    What a hoot! The car looks great. Gabriela’s cottonwood did a magic job protecting it!

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