60 thoughts on “Marble Sez

    • Thanks, Jeff. Marble is adorable, but demanding. She follows me all over the house insisting I stop what I’m doing and give her attention. I’m typing this comment in between Marble’s snuggles and swats.

      • HI Timothy, I have not as yet upgraded my camera as I haven’t settled yet on what I should get. It has also been so busy with Christmas and our holiday. I will think more about it now that it is all over.

    • Marble is a she (all calico kitties are female). She is very insistent and vocal. Thanks, Dale.

      • I think I knew that. We had a lovely calico named Flower that we unfortunately lost. She just disappeared one day and did not do like Spunk. 😦 Ariel’s Omelette is rather vocal, too! Cute little bugger, though.

  1. LOL! Marble is one cutie-pie!
    I’ve always wanted a Marble type cat. Then again, if I had my way, I’d have LOTS of cats.
    3 cat limit in Toronto. My Pupkin died a few years ago. Jeep and Johnny adored him. Pup was the governor!
    Waiting for an alley cat to show up at my back door. This is where I found all of my cats over the years.
    Ah, the good old days when I had 16 cats!
    The yellow dawn is brilliant behind Gi’s tree.

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