Happy Moo Year

I think the bright light in the cloud is either a UFO or the grumpy old man to the left is shining a flashlight through the cloud. The light can’t be from the moon, because the moon rose at 6:45 am this morning (the skies were overcast), and it set at 4:00 pm this afternoon. We have a new moon tomorrow morning.

75 thoughts on “Happy Moo Year

  1. Beautiful sky photos, especially the night sky and grumpy old an with the flashlight. I do see the face!

    The cows are an adorable pair. Neighbors of yours?

  2. All great pics, the last one though, is amazing. The depth of the night sky and the brilliance of the clouds – and then that strange light…awesomeness, Tim.

    • Thanks, Christine. I just noticed a kitty to the right of the light, and a half face of a smiling Pinocchio on the left, also. A night sky full of images.

  3. Jimi didn’t pick up any signals from outer space lately while working with his machine… So it was probably quirks of nature.

  4. Of course it was a UFO. The alien beings had heard of your fabulous photographs and wanted to get in on the act. And may I say they added that special something. till smiling re the Moo Year. Hope you had agreat time

    • We have lots of UFOs, alien lifeforms and paranormal activity out here, with Roswell and all that, you know? I’m all in for UFOs and aliens photo bombing me. It certainly adds interest to the same old stuff.

      The temperature was below freezing, and the wind was biting cold when I was out with the moo cows. My hands froze taking moo cow and sunset photos (gotta suffer for art you know). At least the wind had stopped blowing when I got home and took the night shot. Thanks, Shey.

      • Oh I’ve heard you get a lot of UFO activity there. Long as the alien dudes are only photobombing you it’s fine!!!. Been bitter cold here. SO yeah, feel your pain. And admire that your suffer for your art. These are great pics, even with frozen hands.

    • The grumpy man was a cloud mocking me, and looking like a selfie. The moos were really sweet and worth getting cold hands in freezing wind to photograph them. Thanks, Marina.

    • The moon rose at 6:45 am yesterday morning and set at 4:00 pm yesterday afternoon at our location. The photo was taken at 9:30 pm last night. The bright light shining behind the cloud could not have been the moon because the moon a set four and a half hours earlier.

      • Fromm new moon to new moon, the moon rises about a 45 minutes later each day. Today is the new moon so it will rise around 7:45 am and set around 5 pm and we will not see it. Tomorrow it will rise at 8:30 am and set around set around 6:30. If it’s clear we might see a sliver moon on the horizon just before it sets. On the the 4th it will rise at 9:15 am and set at set at 7:30. We will see more of a sliver moon on the 4th. On the 9th the moon will rise at 11:55 am and set at 12:50 am the following morning. We will see a half moon. On the 17th the moon will rise at 5:08 pm and set at 7:18 am the next morning. We will see the full moon on the 17th. On the 25th the moon will rise at 12:19 am and set at 11:30 am. We’ll see a half moon. On the 30th the moon will rise at 6:05 am and set at 3:50 pm. We probably won’t see the sliver moon because it will be too light. The 31st in another new moon. Does all that make sense?

      • Ok thank you mhmmm
        I always seen the moon fading in the morning when i looked through the west wing of my former home at the same time that the sun was rising at the east wing

      • You probably see it opposite of what I do since you are in the southern hemisphere.

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