70 thoughts on “Silver Moon Under Venus

  1. ABSOLUTELY SPLENDID! How HOW do you take such mindblowing pictures without the help of astronomical telescopes and the likes? This looks more professional, clear and even aesthetic, than the ones captured by space agencies. Splendid!

  2. We were blessed last night with similar views. You gorgeous images brings the memory of that magical presentation back to mind.

    we were blessed last night with similar

  3. Beautiful images, Tim. We didn’t get to see the sliver moon last night. We had rain most of the day into the evening. Today looks to be starting out the same.

  4. If you have any plans on traveling to Jupiter, make sure it’s not with Elon Musk. He’ll leave you out there, and HAL will keep the doors closed on you.

    • No Jupiter travel plans. I’ll enjoy Jupiter from home. During all the Apollo missions I thought being an astronaut would be cool. But not now. I would like going up, making and orbit and coming back down, but I would not want to spend much time in space. Thanks, David.

    • Did I mention I finally got the gate I ordered in August? I also just got my new Macbook Pro M1 Max. Apple sent me a message that it would be delayed two week. Then the next day they shipped it. Weird. It took about a week to get my iPhone 13 Pro. I do not have the Max, however. Thanks, Tiffany.

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