Mustang Hazel

A new horse in Sara’s corral next door called me over to meet her at the fence last night while I was out photographing the moon under Venus. She is a sweet horse, and really adorable with her bangs and banded main. Sara said her name is Hazel and that Hazel is a mustang rescued from a horse auction as a foal. Hazel seems forever grateful to be saved from the auction block, and she was being a good neighbor greeting me.

76 thoughts on “Mustang Hazel

    • Thanks, Dale. She was being downright neighborly for these parts. I have neighbors up the road who have been here for 2 years and I’ve never met them.

  1. She looks so sexy with those strands of blue dyed bangs covering her one eye.
    Hot Mustang Hazel

    Moon under Venus, we are waiting
    Hattip to the photographer

    • Yes. That was the Goatlet. The properties abutt and that neighbor has 4 goats, chickens, ducks, bees, and a dog. Thanks, JYP.

  2. The truth about the mustang adoption program is that they have adopted out so few mustangs. Often, the adopters have so little horse experience, many have given up. My daughters probably could handle mustangs, but good chance it’ll be a full-time job and a lot of money. We have more mustangs in custody now than ever before (380K). Bush 43 was the closest to striking a deal that would have halted all mustang captures and return those under captivity back to the open range. Trump wanted to sell off the mustangs, but found he couldn’t since they are a protected species. But, of course, he tried. One of the federal judges he appointed snapped him back hard, it wasn’t funny.

    Hazel is one of the few exceptions. She hit the lotto jackpot. Perhaps it is her age that will make her a success story.

  3. I leave the horses to my wife (used to teach horseback riding at the girls scout camp). Me, I prefer animals that will not look me directly in the eye and tell me with a authoritative whinnee (or whatever they do) “NOPE” – Linda could tell you stories about my bad experiences with those 4 legged monsters.

  4. I love horses, and I admire the people who rescue them. We have a few neighbors with horses and a braying donkey, which was probably a rescue, in our neighborhood. And chickens! I love to listen to the roosters crowing!

  5. OMG! Hazel is gorgeous!
    Rescued from an auction block? What happens to the beauties that aren’t rescued?
    WAIT, don’t tell me! My heart feels faint.
    Kisses for Hazel!
    Mustang Hazel could be a cool parody.

  6. I use to ride a lot when I lived in KY and dated a Jockey for a while. It was a lot of fun and horses are much smarter than people give them credit for being. We would be able to ride for a few hours because they owned a lot of beautiful land and so it was relaxing. What a sweet horse and a wonderful neighbor for rescuing the horse, it is not cheap to take good care of animals and horses are really expensive. You have a special neighbor there. Hugs Tim, Joni

      • Haha I was seventeen and he was older. I was and still am 5’ 2” and I think I was about an inch taller. I have always appreciated a “cool drink of water” my mom would say, which means tall and slender. As I got older I realized that it is what is in the heart that matters. Maybe because my first love dumped me, it took me years to get over him. He was a cool drink of water and a musician. You would enjoy photographing the horse farms and horses in KY. Sorry you took me back in time with your question, Great question too. You two have an amazing rest of your week. ❤️🤗

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