Jake & The Bass

I ordered an Ibanez multi-scale 5-string bass in the middle of August. I just got it last week. I was thinking the fanned frets on the fingerboard would help my poor arthritic fingers. Why not get a fretless bass, you might ask? I did consider that, but I like having frets. I’ve been practicing with it and I finally got time to record two new songs this weekend. The one I recorded today I’m calling “The Bass” and I put it together with video of Jake chasing a stick and rolling in the dirt. It’s a jazzy piece. The other song I named “Black Widow” is very hard and dark. I don’t have a video for it unless I do a visualization. I’ll post it at another time after I figure out if I’ll at video or go with the audio.

The multi-scale fingerboard is a lot easier for me to play and my fingers and hands are not hurting or swollen beyond normal after hours of playing and recording. I played the Ibanez multi-scale 7-string guitar on the recording.

70 thoughts on “Jake & The Bass

    • Tristan has to give him a shower in our bathtub to get all the dirt out of him. Thanks, Dale. I’m happy you like the music.

      • We had verious dogs when I was a kid. They were always rolling in old dead stinking things, poop, and getting sprayed by skunks. Cat’s like to roll in the dirt, but they use it as a bath and want clean dirt.

    • Thanks, for your wonderful comment, Gigi. I was going to post the music by itself and remembered I had Jake footage like duh!

  1. Nice music and I like the Jake video. Tristan got herself a nice dog.

    I like the percussion in this music selection. And I am glad the multi-scale fingerboard is working well and you are playing more.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. The multi-scale fingerboard is making a really big difference on playing on the bass.

  2. I love this tune. It has a groovy walking bass line and very melodic guitar work to pair with it! I can definitely pick out that Soundgear tone. It really pops and provides a great range of high and low end. My first 5 string was an Ibanez SDGR…I really miss it. Thanks for the nostalgia and the jams!

    • Thanks for the wonderful comment, Adam. The bass is really fun to play, and I can get a variety of sounds out of it.

  3. A beautiful shiny guitar and I like to see Jake with his wet coat rolling in the sand, and, like a German expression says, “having fun like a schnitzel”.

  4. Aw Timothy, I can feel your pain, I have had arthritis in my fingers for a very long time now. Genetic apparently, the early onset. It’s awful but you got to give them the work out eh!! But I do know where you are coming from. This is a wonderful piece though and you would never know listening to it you have this problem.

  5. Oh, Tim, what a Monday treat! All of it! That Ibanez is gorgeous and I love the jazzy song and obviously, Jake does too! What a happy pup! Hera wants to come join him. She doesn’t get the chance to roll in dirt… ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜‚ Have a great week ahead!!!

  6. Youโ€™re incredibly talented Timothy. I absolutely love this jazz! Congratulations on the new Bass , itโ€™s a beauty. Love Jake too, sending belly rubs, say they are from me. Looking forward to Black Widow. ๐Ÿ•ท

  7. Oh I’m sooo sorry about your hands.. I get it doing massage and gardening and and and.
    This is brilliant my friend. Catchy tune with your new Bass and it looks like Jake is “digging it too”.
    Does he really play alone or did you just make it look that way?
    He’ll need a bath now. ๐Ÿคฃ

    • Jake is a very mellow dog. He does a lot of patiently waiting around for humans. He likes to get out and be wild when he can. I’m happy you liked the music. Thanks, KT.

  8. I have a 10-string Ibanez acoustic guitar, which is a rare make for them. Cost me bundle, but I was able to do some things for Elizabeth in her concert that I probably couldn’t do on my Taylor. I have been looking at another Strat, a Daryl Stuermer design. Daryl plays with Phil Collins and Genesis. Has done solo work too. Fantastic guitarist, close friend with Leland Sklar.

    Gotta hear “Black Widow.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Nice new bass, it sounds good, Tim! The video of Jake made me smile, I love seeing happy dogs doing what makes them happy, especially when I don’t have to wash them!๐Ÿ˜Š

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