48 thoughts on “Circular

      • I mean to say fan.
        Sorry about the typo.
        I have to travel an extraordinary path to reach your page. I hope this comment arrives.

      • Can you get my blog through the WP Reader? It’s hosted by WordPress, so there should be no strange path to get here.

      • Sometimes it works, sometimes it directs me to your viewer…and this time i caught you in reader.
        I’m trying to catch up with all the blog posts through my email so i suppose that’s why im being redirected to viewer. Also not all the posts of people i follow show up in reader.
        I’m lagging far behind with my reading. I’d love to read all but I’m so slow these days.

  1. The wingspread is gorgeous. I wonder if the idea for paper fans came from birds?
    Listening to Black Widow. Guitar sounds great.

      • The bass is great! Love it. Lol, I have to do dishes. I’m going to listen again when I return from the sink!

      • Ah! The proverbial dish washing. I’m always amazed how many dishes we make between the two pf us. Since we have a well that doesn’t have enough water pressure for modern dishwashers, I’m the old fashioned dishwasher.

      • I turned my dishwasher into a pot cupboard. I can’t stand the dishwasher. Anyway, standing over a sink of hot water is great for my sinuses.

      • I gave the last dishwasher we had to Tristan, and the space has an instant hotwater heating and a rack for large dishes and posts to dry. I think Tristan gave up on the dishwasher, also.

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