75 thoughts on “Freaking On A Friday

    • Thanks, Jeff. It was pretty dark and a couple were riding bikes on the ditch. One had a tail light. I set the camera for a long shutter speed and moved the camera around a little while the shutter was open.

  1. Beautiful images,Tim. The colors and swirling mistiness reminds me a bit of the description of Jupiter as seen by the Lopers in Clifford Simak’s novel “Desertion”

  2. Dear Timothy,
    we really like your abstract art 👍 The lighting and shades of colours are well done. These are pictures we would hang up in our house (if we would have some wall space left).
    Thanks for sharing
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Thanks for the wonderful comment. Space is so fleeting. I had to take down art to hang other art. Now I have to figure out what to do with the art I took down.

      • Yes, we know this problem very well. And another problem are the bookshelves in all of our rooms.
        Fleeting Space would be a good title for your pictures, wouldn’t it?

      • We made the decision some years ago to give away a lot of books and free up wall space for other things. We only keep very special books and books that we reference a lot, and reread every now and then in shelves.

    • Freaking freakouts are freaky. Maybe you can imagine abstract expressionless images when you feel the fringes of a freak-out fomenting in your fugitive frontiers.

  3. I’ll have to come back! I think the LSD is kicking in. 😉
    Lots of fun!
    battling Jeep for computer Dominance.
    Ah, the music ended. I love it. Will you be writing lyrics? (not that it needs it)

      • Oh… I’m sure you’ll write more. Although I quite like the tracks without lyrics. maybe the cats could come up with something.(Kidding) 😉😂

    • I’ve hear micro doses of LSD are in or were in for helping with productivity and creativity. I don’t what would happen if we tried it. Thanks, Resa. Cats are pains around computers.

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