Lunar Lineup

Jupiter, Crescent Moon, and Venus in a bent line. Saturn’s between Jupiter and the Moon, but it’s not bright enough to show up in the wide-angle photo.

Moon over the Rio Grande at dusk.

Moon over cranes in the Rio Grande at dusk.

Moon in the Tangle Heart Tree.

Jupiter with moons and stars.

Cranes: What’s the big deal? We could fly up to the moon if we wanted to!

51 thoughts on “Lunar Lineup

  1. These are just perrrfect! 🀩 Added so much beauty and meaning to my morning. The tree tangled in the shape of a hear is everything! Clever nature and clever you, for capturing it from that perspective so perfectly.

  2. See, they even line up for you or place themselves perfectly inside a heart! Even the cranes are astonished by this conspiracy! Bless you for making my day… again. πŸ™

  3. Actually noticed and took the exact alignment shot last night while up her at Mayo for Linda’s annual checkup (minus the trees of course). Wasn’t sure what the exact border planets were so thanks for clearing that up.

      • Annual checkup for Linda’s mechanical heart valve and pacer – after a day long battery of tests the results show everything is working perfectly! Always a stressful process (definitely for her), but relieved after our talk with the specialist – we couldn’t be happier considering what she had to go through when the procedure was done.

  4. Crazy, but I wouldn’t see any of this sky magic, if not for this blog. Thank you, Tim!
    I need that Tangle-Heart for the next adventure, so I grabbed it onto my desktop.
    I’ll also need a pic of Rebecca’s Bamboo. It needs to be dark (ish)
    Remember DracGoth & someone have drained out all of the colour from the AGMs world.
    I still have 3 pics to draw. I’ve done all of the AGMs in their gowns & Holly already picked a song!

  5. Fabulous pictures! I loved the moon in the Tangle Heart Tree. And those cranes undoubtedly are trying to steal the show.
    Thank you for always bringing me a smile.

  6. It is a beautiful lineup of photos, Tim. It rained here again last night, but it is our rainy season now in western Oregon. Not much night sky viewing these days.

    I love those cranes, too. They are beautiful, graceful birds.

  7. Tim your photographs of the moon and Jupiter is unbelievable. Crazy gorgeous skies you photograph and I can’t get enough of the beautiful birds, that blue is just so stunning. It always looks like God is throwing a special kiss in the sky where you are. The picture of the moon within the Tangled Heart Tree is so lovely. xoxoxoxox Joni

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