Moon Watches Venus Surf

Sliver moon watches
Venus surf dark clouds at dusk
Over black laced trees

Like dark crescent moons
Black leaves dangle mockingly
Sliver moon shines bright

Naked from north winds
Branches stretching towards sky
Mimics clouds at dusk

54 thoughts on “Moon Watches Venus Surf

  1. This is beautiful and wonderful, Mr. Poet Photographer!
    And, I was driving home, enjoying the Moon dancing with Venus, intent on getting out to photograph the two but got sidetracked by a phone call and then… dang it.

    • Thanks, Cheyenne. The chase is on. You are an hour behind us now. Arizona is so sensible not to change time. Except the Navajo Nation changes time, which confuses things a bit if you are traveling in Northern Arizona.

  2. Venus surfing dark clouds… Is there anything even planets won’t do, just for you? Your words and images conspire towards a beautiful day… only gratitude, my friend.

  3. I have enjoyed watching the moon dance around Venus!
    Pretty poetry, lovely trees and then that gorgeous sky with our moon and Venus!
    Thank you!

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