Fall Back To Photos

After I “set up us the bomb” over the past two days with 1) my confabulations on free will, evil in the world, weed, euthanasia, and problem-solving through procrastination, among other answers to Eleanor’s questions, and 2) my psycho-delic visualization of T.U.L.I.P., I’m falling back with the time change, and offering straight photos that you can simply enjoy without a lot of thought or assault on your auditory system.

Shey’s tree finally turned yellow. It was holding out for the longest time. Jupiter is a spec of light in the upper right-hand corner of the photo.

Low hanging haze under mostly clear skies provided a nice gradation of colors in the after sunset glow. Venus is shining bright on the left.

59 thoughts on “Fall Back To Photos

  1. A beautiful evening on the river, and I can just about make out Jupiter in that photo. Good to see sundown’s magnificent colors. We are have heavy skies and rain up here. The growing sliver moon should have been visible down your way tonight.

  2. Stunning photos! I can feel the warmth of this photo. It’s like being able to witness this beauty personally. You’re very talented. 💯

  3. You kept me thinking all day, Tim. I really enjoyed your discussions. And now, the silence and sacredness of your photos. Shey’s tree is magnificent. A wonderful post to begin a new week.

  4. A bomb a’right… if only there were more of those! …and now, a taste of paradise for a beautiful start of a week. Happy Monday, my friend and keep the ‘bombs’ coming! 😉

  5. Shey’s tree looks FAB in yellow. I might use it in the next episode.
    Pleas let me know if I get too greedy with you photos. They really works well with the adventures!

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