52 thoughts on “Lavender Mysticism

    • That’s Holly’s Tangle Heart Tree. It’s quite famous on my blog and Resa’s Art Gowns blog. Holly has House of Heart blog. Resa and all her Art Gown models have trees on our property and in the bosque. Holly’s Tangle Heart Tree is in the bosque. It’s a magic.

      • Oh wow! It is magic! How have I missed that on their blogs! I’ll have to take special note. Or maybe the subliminal was working and the familiar struck a cord out of my awareness!?!?!!πŸ’•
        Lovely all the same!

      • I don’t think Holly has ever posted anything about the THT as she does her poetry, but Resa has used it in several of her AGM adventures.

        Many years ago, Mia with Copper Cranes (sadly Mia posts very seldom these days. Mia is brilliant) liked a tree I often photograph and asked it that was her tree in a photo. I started calling it Mia’s tree. On one of my posts that had Mia’s tree, Resa commented “I want a tree”. I gave her tree options and she chose her tree. I simply gave the THT to Holly because it couldn’t be any other way. Resa wanted all her AGMs to have trees. This post has a map of where the trees are: https://wp.me/p1yQyy-5d0. Robin dropped out of the blogosphere, so Gee Gee got her tree. Gloria disappeared from the blogosphere, as well, so the blue spruce is available. The large tree in this post is Shey’s tree, which is close to the THT. Rebecca Bud has the black bamboo patch, and there are a few other bloggers who have claimed trees since that post.

      • i soooo love this and the history of your generosity and sharing of your trees Timothy. Well, I love them all but the heart on is my fav. I would be honored if you stumble on anothers. Thanks for sharing all of this and the roses in that pic are magnificent. πŸ’–πŸŒ·πŸŒ·πŸŒ·πŸŒ·

  1. Unbelievable! Such stunning clicks! The picture of the Moon is so mesmerising and surreal. The lavender hue is something of a paradise from our abodes of imagination… 🀩

  2. Great series of photos ~ the opening shot simply splendid and a great way to open my Sunday morning and put me into a relaxed mood. This is what I love about your photography ~ great to see it again and looks like the days are treating you well.

    • Excellent idea. A chemtrail through the Tangle Heart for Valentine’s Day. How contemporary is that? Thanks, Brian.

    • Thanks, Angelilie. I always appreciate your kisses and the kitties love your hugs. Kisses and hugs in return.

  3. Love the lavender! Something tells me you were inspired by your shot of the flying geese (or pterodactyls) for the rest of them πŸ˜‰

    • One of the photos had a lavender tint, and most were going that direction being they were taken at dawn or dusk. I was following the lead of the Red post. The Sandias and Jupiter I left alone. A few people commented they like the Sandias the best because they weren’t lavender. I found that funny because I have thousands of photos of the Sandias from that spot all pink. I have few photos in lavender. Thanks, Dale.

      • Some things are sacred others profane. It’s all in one’s perspective. I was asked the other day if I try to get the photos to look as close to how I saw them as possible when I make adjustments in Photo raw. “Moi?” I answered. “Oh! Heck no. Been there done that. If I want to see it how it looks in real life. I’ll simply look at it in real life.”

  4. These are beautiful Tim. I love that color. I wish I would have had that picture for my last post, the one of the moon. So beautiful. WOW. Now I am hungry for pizza as I saw all that yummy cheese melting all over the place. Love you guys. xoxoxoxo Left a comment about your new publication on the site, that was amazing Tim. Really you rocked it off the chart, song and poem.

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