All Hallows Eve Calls

On All Hallows Eve, the Tangle Heart Tree catches spirits and holds them until Prime’s light collects them.

Sun sets, darkness falls
All Hallows Eve calls
Thirsty spirits to scratch and claw at the walls of Sheol
Licking sweet honied milk poured from sorcerer’s bowl
Conjured spirits slip through holes
Prey on wandering, long lost souls
Free to find and eat their fills
Until Prime’s light reclaims their wills
Sun rises spirits pulled asunder
Sorcerer’s bowl lies emptied, plundered

The Incognito Pear tree is under on All Hallows Eve where the spirits get tangled trying to get out of Sheol.

Santa Cynthia prays all night on All Hallows Eve for our souls to be safe from the spirits released by sorcerers’ milk and honey.