All Hallows Eve Calls

On All Hallows Eve, the Tangle Heart Tree catches spirits and holds them until Prime’s light collects them.

Sun sets, darkness falls
All Hallows Eve calls
Thirsty spirits to scratch and claw at the walls of Sheol
Licking sweet honied milk poured from sorcerer’s bowl
Conjured spirits slip through holes
Prey on wandering, long lost souls
Free to find and eat their fills
Until Prime’s light reclaims their wills
Sun rises spirits pulled asunder
Sorcerer’s bowl lies emptied, plundered

The Incognito Pear tree is under on All Hallows Eve where the spirits get tangled trying to get out of Sheol.

Santa Cynthia prays all night on All Hallows Eve for our souls to be safe from the spirits released by sorcerers’ milk and honey.

83 thoughts on “All Hallows Eve Calls

  1. Wonderful, Tim. Magical, in fact. I especially enjoyed these two lines, “Conjured spirits slip through holes
    Prey on wandering, long lost souls” I like how slip and lost feel together. Great poem.

  2. Tis the night for protection crystals to, well, protect. The reflection tree is truly magnificent and wonder worthy. Thanks for sharing the verse and images.

      • We never get trick or treaters. We have real ghoulies roaming the property at night. It’s too dark and scary. I can’t remember ever having trick or treaters.

      • That is how our house was in Tucson – no street lights, set back off the road, pokey and prickly property, and countless critters. It took some getting used to, but I do miss it and the incredible view we had of the city.

      • I do. We had many visitors and a few residents – deer, bobcats, bats, a Gila monster, snakes, javelina, many different birds, including owls, and lizards and large spiders. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I thought it was cool, coexisting with the critters. Tucson has such a different vibe than Phoenix. Great people in the Old Pueblo.

  3. What a phenomenal poem! Loved the metaphor of “sorcerer’s milk and honey” Made it all the more Halloween-ish. The pictures, although gorgeous as ever, look particularly spooky today.

    “All Hallows Eve calls
    Thirsty spirits to scratch and claw at the walls of Sheol
    Licking sweet honied milk poured from sorcerer’s bowl”- Such a fabulous line!
    I’ve saved this post so I never ever forget it 😀 So so wonderful!

    • Thank you for the wonderful comment, Sam. You can copy the text out and save it you would like. Sorcerers and Sorceresses dig holes in the ground and pour milk and honey in the holes to conjure spirits in The Odyssey, in the Bible, and other ancient texts. There might be a similar practice in Indian literature.

      • Hmm I understood the conjuring the spirits part but didn’t know it’s a reference from the Holy Bible. The more you know. Thank you!! 😊

  4. Oh this is sooooo beautiful. I love your poem and the images. That image of Holly’s tree is so beautiful.. shining so bright. Love my praying Santa Cynthia protecting through the night. I almost used her on halloween but waiting for something to really “grab me.” 🤣
    You’re friends with Dwight right Roth poetry.. 💖

    • Your sainted tree was a dear in helping us battle spritis of the night. Between it and the THT all was safe. I do not follow Dwight. I looked him up. Thanks, Cindy.

  5. Oh, my, my friend, words and images live in such harmony within you. What a poem and look, my as above so below Incognito tree! 😉 Happy November and Happy All Saints Day!

  6. Fabulous Hallowe’en post, Tim!
    I love the shots, especially the THT shot. Spectacular.
    Anyway, I’m working away over on Art Gowns.
    I decided I needed a THT pic, different than the ones I have, which I’ve mostly used.
    I dragged this one off, no problem.
    Let me know if it’s okay!

    • Not a problem on the image. I also have lots of photos of the THT and your tree that don’t get published. Thanks, Resa.

      • Oh.. cool! Thank you!
        Lol, I’ll be around asking soon enough!
        I hope it doesn’t cloud over during magic hour. I want 1 last shot!

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