98 thoughts on “On A Run

    • The cranes are roosting on the rio Grande at night. They start flying in around dusk. They are still a little skittish about the paparazzo. They start paying no attention to me in a few weeks. Thanks, Cheyenne.

      • I have to wear them for three months before the insurance will approve the doctor at the vein clinic to work on my old refluxing veins. The doctor will collapse bad veins and the blood flow will be redirected to good veins. But the insurance has to make me suffer with compression socks for three months before they can get relief from the procedure. Since I only have one pair of compression socks, they are wearing out. I’m not buying any more either. They cost way too much.

      • I’m not mending no stinking sock toe. It’s going to have to have to have a stinking hole in the toe.

      • Oh, I would not say that. I imagine I would darn them if they were very expensive. Regular socks go from hole to trash πŸ˜‰

      • The cost of my first visit to the vein clinic included the compression socks. They will probably go bye bye come December.

  1. Great images of the cranes! I think we heard the sigh of relief coming from the toe as it was released from that pesky compression sock. That little piggy can now have his roast beef!

  2. Blood clots are expensive too. I know whereof I speak. πŸ™‚ Be a good boy and listen to your doctor, not the insurance company. Best of health to you, and soon I hope your piggies will be as free flying as those beautiful cranes.

    • The procedure is awfully expensive if the insurance doesn’t chip in. The out of pocket is still expensive with insurance paying for most of it. I think I will survive another month. Thanks, Mary Jo.

  3. Oh, that flight looks so real and surreal at the same time! Such an incredible shot. Birds are such liberated creatures.
    The toe sticking out of the socks is quite Halloween-ish 😜 (although that wasn’t necessarily the intention).
    Those cranes are magnificent! πŸ‘Œ You are living the life- close to nature, colourful sky and large open spaces. Must be a delight!

    • I’m happy to hear that. Laurie wears them and thinks they are wonderful. I guess it depends on the condition of one’s legs. Thanks, Roberta.

  4. Caught me by surprise by the title – thought you might have taken my advice and signed up for an ultra! Always love crane picks – you must not have a lot of iron in your mud down there, these specimens are pretty rust free.

    • The cranes have just flown in. Apparently from a low iron rent district. We have a lot of alkaline and arsenic in our soils and water (probably in our souls too). That sock thinks I ran an ultra in it. Thanks, Brian.

  5. Socks, all of mine are compression,
    Each day, each day come cheer, or depression,
    But the real question…
    You’ve created another magnificent photo session!
    Cheers, Sir.

      • Hahaha! Got a letter today from the Nottingham Revenue & Benefits, there is no chance of any help with increased costs of the carers – but worse, the new rate begins on Monday, and they haven’t told what the new cost will be? Humph! The ode, when I get it done will inform you of my terrible time today – Humph!

  6. Amazing how beautifully blue the herons are. I’m flabbergasted.
    About being on a run; hahahahahaha!
    Although I must confess, when I take my socks off at night, my feet explode.
    So, I get it! (Although I paint my toenails!)

  7. Clever Timothy and love the title! Oh no… we have the same toes.. lol. 🀣. I blame my mother but then mothers get all the blame. haha. πŸ€£πŸ‘πŸ’–

  8. Wow those birds are breath taking Tim. Now about that toe, it was done and said so. Enough release me from these tight socks, they need to hang loose like a great pair of rocks. haha I can never see enough of those birds, the color is so stunning. Sending you lots of hugs……

      • I am bare footed all the time unless I go out. I am a size five and shoes are hard to find. However my feet are wide too so I know what you mean. Yes the cranes are unbelievable Tim. Hugs to you both. β€οΈπŸ€—

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