68 thoughts on “Left With A Leaf

      • No, I’m not burning candles Timothy. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Certainly seems a world wide tradition especially in the Americas.

      • It’s not a part of the Cuban culture. It’s a Mexican tradition for the most part, and that’s why it’s wide spread in the southwest.

      • When I lived in Germany there was All Souls Day. The graves would be covered in candles and flowers. It’s a Latin tradition here in Florida. Latinos are the majority here now, from all of south and Central America, Puerto Rico, and Panama. They observe the candlelight tradition though the young people are more westernized.

      • You have everyone there. We do too, plus a lot of Asians and eastern Europeans from their exoduses over the years.

      • We do! Lots of Canadians escaping the cold fill out beaches. Lots of German’s buy winter homes here but mostly Nee are 76% Latino. They’ve been coming since the 60’s overthrow of Batista.

    • That’s the state of the leaf. Do you have anything like el día de los Muertos in India? Thanks, Sam.

      • Not that I know of. Atleast not in my region. Tomorrow, however, we have the largest festival of India- Diwali. Just a few hours more. It’s evening already. We do have a LOT of festivals, but quite different in tone and meaning from Western ones.

    • That it was. Thanks, Marina. Do you celebrate The Anthesteria of Dionysus? I understand that’s the Greek’s el día de los Muertos?

      • The Anthesteria of Dionysus… don’t laugh, I had to look that up! 😉 We do have two All Souls Days [or Saturday of the Souls] in the year but they don’t fall on the same day every year. One is the Saturday before our Halloween Sunday [in 2022, it’s February 26] and the second one is the Saturday before our Pentecost Sunday [50 days after Passover: June 11]
        I rarely remember but I think now I will! 😉

      • No…. I meant aslas if only we had but one here instead of the millions that fly into the garden at this time year. till go rid of the maple so no hopefully should jsut be one session with the blower.

      • We live in a conservation area where frankly it’s beyond ridiculous in that trees dwarf houses, take light are hundreds of feet tall. IE. not maintained. that is the real problem. We just took our maple out, we had had enough of it nearly hitting the house. So this is the first year we have not spent weeks picking up leaves every day. But over the back fence is an old lay with a huge garden and her trees are a bloody pest. She has not had them trimmed since the first year we were here. However the leaves are small and will blow in a heap eventually and I will get them in one.

      • That’s the problem with wilderness areas and forests out here. They are not maintained, they get overgrown, and with out dry climate, breaking wind cand start a fire. Fires are devastating because of all the underbrush and dead trees that the government does not allow people to clear. We spend a small fortune having all the pesky elm trees removed from the property, but our neighbor to the south has a bunch of elm trees that need to be taken out, but she leaves them. The prior property owner lover the elms and just let them go wild. So we’ll have a bunch of little elms popping up from those trees to the south in the spring.

    • I think we well understand each other here. I personally love trees but you have to be sensible. I am just waiting for the first branches of the closest monster of hers to come over the big fence, then I am going to actually twist it back in. If the fence breaks then cos she does not do something about the fact the branches are growing back over her lawn, she will be getting the bill. It is no long enough to keep saying how her old git of a hubby put all these trees in and left her with them. The houses bordering this eyesore are now all being left with them. We have at least five trees and quite a few shrubs in that border, We keep them all low or the damned garden would be trashed. There was an idiot where we lived before who had this guy in nour terrace charged and fined with taking down some tree on wasteland he –the man getting the police–owned. Turned out in fact cos the stupid Fife council set moveable boundaries on this old piece of lane, the boundary was the hedge and if you cut it back then that six inches in the lane was yours. That rammy was nothing to the time that next door..well I can’t see who else it would be, paid men to come up dressed in council jackets and take down the trees blocking their view in that lane , which also belonged to that guy. The next thing we all had police at our door about it and where was the wood. I had tae tell them it was burned. The residents had all ran out and grabbed up everything. The police should not even have given it hourseroom.

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