Penultimate Moon

Penultimate moon rises
Waning crescent thinly lit
Winks one last time before
Waking opposite Uranus
That makes one distant, impulsive
Seeing Mercury sextile Venus
Scorpio on the border with
Virgo, Libra
Procession of equinoxes


52 thoughts on “Penultimate Moon

  1. What stunning pictures! I so so love how the poem goes with the pictures and describes them so eloquently. Wonderful piece.
    You never run out of gorgeous pictures 😉

  2. Oh wow your cloud pictures took my breath away, Tim!! And that moon …. yep I saw Her last night I believe so I’m glad someone got to photograph Her. Amazing sight! Yet those clouds and then your poem ….. gorgeous post! Thank you!

    • You could look at it that way. I don’t know a word for the last before the new. Technically it’s not really correct usage, but for lack of a better word I had no other “penultimatum”. Thanks, Resa.

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