Sunflowers & Cats

Closeup up of the the sunflowers among the forest of sunflowers.

Who cares about sunflower forests. Come and do the Gargoyle with me!

Another part of the sunflower forest.



59 thoughts on “Sunflowers & Cats

    • Thanks, Lavinia. Gwendolyn loves the hammock. All the cats love them. Silver has a way of looking like a gargoyle.

      • Thank you Timothy for your kisses and cat hugs. In Paris, things are going pretty well. We fight against the Delta variant. We get vaccinated and benefit from the Health Pass (restaurants, cinema, outings…). Or we don’t go out anymore!
        And you in New York, I saw the floods on TV. The storm Ida, it is catastrophic !

      • I’m vaccinated, but I don’t go out other than to drive to work, to walk in the bosque, and get groceries. I have had several visits to doctors for routine checkups. Everying is good heathwise.

        I heard that New York got hit hard. New York City is 3260 km from where I live, so I have no real sense of the situation there. One of the hazards for cities on the east coast of America is hurricanes.

      • I am also vaccinated. But in France, it is the pressure against the vaccination and the introduction of the Sanitary Pass, for the Covid. And this divides the French. There are demonstrations in France, against the Sanitary Pass.

      • I love New York and the United States so much that I’m interested in current actuality in America. I also love Arizona and New Mexico. It is very beautiful.πŸ˜πŸ—½

      • When travel gets back to normal if you come to New Mexico or we go to Paris, we will have to meet for a cup of coffee.

      • Yes Timothy. When we will can travel freely, it would be a great pleasure to meet over coffee when you come to Paris or when I travel to Arizona and New Mexico. I would be very happy.

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