61 thoughts on “Moon Smiles

    • We’re starting to cool down a little, and the Cottonwoods have a few yellow leaves. They are ready to call it a season. Thanks, Holly.

  1. This is great! I enjoyed it. I read it over and over and again and again and … ๐Ÿ˜€ But no new term to learn. Hope to find one in the next post.

      • Noโ€ฆ quiet weekend for us. We have had lots of guests here at the LakeHouse so quiet feels good. I am making a pot of beef and bean barley soup today. Iโ€™m sitting out on the front porch as I type and itโ€™s sprinkling with rain with a damp 61 degrees. Perfect soup weather!

  2. I really enjoyed your words and photos, Timothy, embracing the mood and the glory of the changing season. Loved the smiling moon in the clouds, the lively wildflowers, and the stunning sky scene. My favorite line was the last: “Time to call it a season.”

    • Thanks, Jet, “Time to call it a season” goes with summer and winter out here as we want respite from heat of one and cold of the other. Fall is a time that could go on forever in its pleasantness and pallet of colors. Springtime could go on forever, also, as we enjoy the resurgence of life.

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