Minimalist Skies

Jupiter above the moon at 6:15 am this morning.

Daddy Owl blowing in the sunset.

Crows play in pink.

Sparse clouds over the Sandias.

Mama Owl is still “tufting” it out.

Washboard clouds

Minimal clouds to the west.

44 thoughts on “Minimalist Skies

    • Out here it would be nice if washboard clouds indicated rain because we need rain. Mama Owl isn’t hiding, she’s sitting on eggs. Thanks, Halbabera.

  1. Such beautiful skies, river and mountains along with the bosque and its inhabitants. Mama Owl’s chicks should be hatching soon. I enjoyed all these photos, Tim, they are very peaceful.

    • Hi Mary Jo. When people who say “if you’ve seen one sunset you’ve seen them all!” and “Why do you take photos of the Sandias every day? They always look the same!” I say “What’s a matta you?” It’s amazing how people with eyes that one presumes they can see with are blind.

    • Thanks, Al. I see you got some nice sunsets. I’m going to pop over a take a closer look.

  2. Spectacular shots, Tim!
    Wow, the Cottonwoods are gorgeous!
    Of course “tufting it out” got me laughing, and now I can’t stop! Thanks !!!!!!

  3. Oh how I enjoyed every one of these NM moments, Timothy. I’ve been seeing that planet every dawn lately, am glad to know it is Jupiter.

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