What Was Is Not

The cubicles that came with the new office.

The cubicles that came with the new office were old, broken, and worn out. We are getting new cubicles, so we had to get the old cubicles out. No one wanted to take and reuse them, so demolition was in order. I could not figure out how to take them apart, so our office manager’s brother sent a person who installs cubicles to the office to check them out, and I made a deal with him to have a couple of his staff come in and take the cubicle apart for us. He asked who made them, and when I told him he had never heard of the manufacturer. The manufacturer had gone out of business years ago. Even though the building is only 15 years old, we figure the cubicles were at least 30 years old. Two young men came by yesterday and took them apart. I would have never figured it out, and, although the two young me were fast, it was a lot of work for them to take down the partitions. The two didn’t want to haul them to the dump because they would be charged to dump them. We had them leave the partitions and we spent most of today stripping off the fabric, removing the insulation, and separating the metal and plastic from 72 partitions. Dolores took two loads of metal to Acme Metal and got some cash for it. She will take a couple more loads to Acme tomorrow and we’ll be rid of the old cubicles without simply taking them to the dump.

Uppers, a box of brackets, and a few partitions stripped to the metal remain to be taken to Acme tomorrow. The piles of fabric and insulation are in the center and some tack boards await me to take the mounting hardware off of them.

Intermission: My new La Llorona approved aqua-turquoise blue Nostalgia Retrowave microwave I got for my office. It’s a long way to the kitchen in the new building.

Daddy Owl holding on tight in the high winds that were trying to blow him out of the tree.

Ear Tufts in silhouette

35 thoughts on “What Was Is Not

  1. Pretty neat way to get rid of the old cubicles…
    I love the aqua retro microwave.

    • Hi Susan. It’s a lot of work, but it keeps them out of the landfill and we got some money for the metal.

  2. Who’d a think cubicles would be so hard to dismantle? Glad you were able to get some cash for the metal at least ..

    • Hi Dale. Who would think? But they have to stand. These had electrical in them, also. I had to have our electricians come out and cut the power to them and take the wiring harnesses out of them so the dismantlers didn’t get electrocuted.

  3. Those look like the kind of cubicles I used to work in long ago! πŸ™‚ The microwave is nice. I like retro.

    The owls are always outstanding, especially the ear tufts. Must have been cold down there today?

    • Thanks, Lavinia. You probably worked in the same brand back in the day. It was freezing this morning, but got up into the 80s in the afternoon. Windy in the late afternoon.

  4. Wow. I’m not that surprised it wasn’t a simple recycle. People would be surprised what can’t actually be reused or recycled, and the cost involved makes it not worth it. Thanks for the uplifting owl photo!

    • Thanks, Tiffany. Some things just get to the point they are not that useful. Your welcome of the owls.

  5. So thankful my days of the cubicle/office rat race are finally behind me – probably would have brought great joy had I been able to assist in their destruction ha!

  6. I never would’ve thought they’re so hard to take apart. Seems that the poor guy who’s out of business did a sturdy job. So much that he wasn’t even needed for repairs! Hmm maybe one of the reasons why he’s out of business…
    Daddy Owl is such a loyal husband!!
    Love the fluffy silhouette!

    • Hi Marina. We could tell the cubicles had been refurbished many times over the years. We were looking at having them refurbished again, but the estimate for refurbishing them was $40,000. New cubicles were in order at that price. They were probably very expensive when they were new. Cubicles cost a lot. Companies come and go.

  7. Still tufting it out, is she?
    OMG, that makes me laugh!
    I like all the space without cubicles, and good for you and your recycling efforts! You’re an Art Gown!
    Are you putting that many cubicles back in…or less or..?

    • Mama Owl is a Tuft one! We took out 10 cubicles, we are putting in 16 workspaces with a collaboration space in the middle. That conference table leaning against the wall will be the collaboration table.

      I got that conference table about 20 years ago. We needed a new conference table and the place we got office furniture back then had had that table for two years way up on a top shelf in their warehouse. It had two little dings in it, so the company that ordered it didn’t want it. The table was $12,000 new. My sales rep said she would ask the owner for a price. She called me a little later and said I could have it for $800. I didn’t ask the boss for permission, I bought it, took my pickup truck (sin Viagra), hauled the table to the office and put it together.

      We were going to leave in the office downtown, because the new building came with a big conference table. The President said to bring it to the new office for a collaboration table. It’s still a beautiful table.

      • Tufting it out!!! Hahahahahaha, ahhh Mama!
        Wow! That’s quite an operation going on there!
        You got the deal of a lifetime on that conference table.
        You’re almost 2 Tims. The downtown Tim, and the Bosque Tim.
        I guess if I combined it all, you’d be from Bosqton. 🧐

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