Cormorants Calling

Four Cormorants on a log in the Rio Grande as seen from the Beach.

A closer view now only two.

I snuck up on them from behind.

“Come on and to the ‘Phoenix‘ with me.”

“Come on and do the ‘Loch Ness Monster‘ with me!”


37 thoughts on “Cormorants Calling

  1. I enjoyed this series with cormorants. I don’t see them often, and they are interesting.

    • Hi Susan. With those gnarly sharp ends and side spikes at the ends of their beaks they look prehistoric.

    • Thanks, picpholio. I used a Canon 400mm f/4 DO (the Bazooka) lens, and a Canon 70-200mm L lens for the cormorants. Since I got the Bazooka a couple of months ago, that’s what I’ve been using for wildlife photos.

  2. You’ve got it, you have caught the strange way they dry their wings ! This is a very nice series of photos of those great birds ! I love them!

  3. When they are drying their wings it always reminds me of a preacher addressing his flock or Cyrus asking if we “can dig it”, but that might be too obscure of a reference to my favorite cult classic 70’s movie. I know my wife is tired of me making that quote every time I see a Cormorant in the sun ha! Nice collection of shots.

  4. They are curious birds. They need a pTeradactyl type name. I enjoyed seeing them up close with their overlapping petals – or make that feathers! Looks like I have been thinking about flowers a bit too much. I would never have thought they would have such green eyes.

    • They do look prehistoric. I thought it was interesting out some of the feathers one their backs look like petals. Thanks, Susan.

  5. Great sneak up job, Tim! Fab shots. Cormorants Calling caused me to think of London Calling by the Clash. I suppose that will be in my head all night!

    • I have to listen to the cats calling all the time. London Calling is a nice change. Thanks, resa.

  6. Nice, Tim! Since I’ve become obsessed with jigsaw puzzles recently, I can’t help think what beautiful and very difficult puzzles these would make. πŸ™‚

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