41 thoughts on “First Butterfly, Etc.

  1. Daddy Owl would not say that he was napping but that he was meditating. Having owl babies is such a stress that he has to relax himself… Ask him, I’m sure that was his current occupation! (Flo, from the Protective Society of Napping Owls) 🙂
    Great photo here again and beautiful sunset

    • Hi Flo. The PSNO? That’s funny. I’m sure Daddy Owl would agree with you. Feeding and protecting Mama Owl and soon to be owlets is a lot of work and he needs time to relax and contemplate the answer to owl life, the owl universe (Owlverse), and everything owl. The answer is 21 in the Owlverse as opposed to 42 in our universe. I think Owlverse corresponds to solstices and equinoxes.

  2. You seem to know the Owlverse so well that you must be a member of the PSNO, aren’t you? I think you’re right with the sowlstices and equinowlxes too. And 21 is the right answer.

    • I’m a member of Persistent Imaganitive Suckers Searching for Napping Owls (PISSNO) 😉😜. Oh you are so good at putting words together. I love “sowlstices” and “equinowlxes”. Fantasic owlinalizing on your part.

  3. Your shots here remind me just how naturally camouflaged animals are. Mama is a hoot… those ears and ULO…LOL.
    My tree is spectacular! Egads!

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