Mi Taco Su Taco

A food truck called Mi Taco Su Taco parked in front of our new office this morning. I thought it might be a regular thing. Being Tuesday and having a Taco Truck in front of the office, I texted Bruce to let him know there was a Taco Truck out front if he wanted to come into the office for “Taco Tuesday!” He came in and went out and got in line to discover that the food truck was there for a special occasion for the Humana insurance group. Bruce had to wait until all of “Humanaty” got their tacos so Mi Taco Su Taco could account for all the tacos Humana’s staff had eaten. Then Bruce was able to get some of the leftover tacos. He brought me a couple of leftover tacos. They weren’t bad after I picked all the cilantro out them. “¡No me gusta cilantro¡”

Seeing the food truck reminded me of a parody I wrote and recorded back in 2017 called “Brewpubs And Food Trucks” to Strawberry Alarm Clock’s Incense and Peppermints that I never posted. The parody was inspired by the boom of brewpubs in Albuquerque at that time and all the food trucks that parked by the brewpubs. Now that brewpubs are open again, I see a lot of the food trucks outside the brewpubs. The food trucks offer a good service for people to get food to go with their beer and wine without having to go into a building.

I thought about redoing the vocals, but I recorded it long before I started using PreSonus Studio One. I used MixPad in 2017, and now the latest version of MixPad can’t open the old files. Therefore, you can listen to the bloody awful original version or choose to skip it.

The song really illustrates the reason we moved out of downtown. Things were not good in 2017. “ART” in the song is “Albuquerque Rapid Transit” a total public transit boondoggle rammed down Burqueños’ throats that interrupted businesses and ruined Central Ave, (Old Route 66) from the westside of Albuquerque to “Nobhill” just east of the University of New Mexico. Downtown only got worse and continues its downhill slide. You can follow along with the Lyrics that can be found after the kitty photos and comments.

Brewpubs And Food Trucks

Music: Strawberry Alarm Clock. Parody Lyrics: Timothy Price

Sasha: “Are you kidding me? A taco truck and another BAP?”

Spunk: “What’s that you say? Another BAP about ‘brew huhbubs and taco trucks’?”

Tesla: “AAAaaarrrgh! NOOoooo! Not another bloooody aawfuulll parody!”

Brewpubs And Food Trucks
Parody Lyrics: Timothy Price
Music: Strawberry Alarm Clock

ART sense, nonsense, spare me a dime
Drama queens, silly things, undefinable crime
Fashion drinkers, homeless drunks, boggle your mind
Brewpubs, food trucks, signs of the time

Who cares for things we do
If there’s little for me and nothing for you

Brewpubs, food trucks, gurgling sound
Turn off, tune out, we need to look around
Look at the wealth, look at the wealth, yeah, yeah
Look at the wealth, look at the wealth, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Our polls have divided our world in two
Thrown us off to the side, middle finger screw you
Politicians choke their chickens, nothing is new
A house full of lunatics with a bad point-of-view

Who cares for things we do
If there’s little for me and nothing for you

ART sense, nonsense, spare me a dime
Drama queens, silly things, undefinable crime
Fashion drinkers, homeless drunks, boggle your mind
Brewpubs, food trucks, signs of the time

Who cares for things we do
If there’s little for me and nothing for you

Brewpubs and food trucks
Brewpubs and food trucks

49 thoughts on “Mi Taco Su Taco

    • Hi Robbie. Spunk became an model and actor because he had to do modeling and acting for my blog to pay off is debts for all the things, some rather expensive, he destroyed. Tesla is Lane’s cat, and he’s a character. Sasha just be’s cute.

      • Ahh! So your cats don’t just always lie around. A little destruction happens from time to time. So true to cat-like behavior.

  1. Sounds like this Taco Truck was more like “Mi Taco Mi Taco”!!!!! 😉
    I’ll tell you this, after 8 hours of no internet connection [after months of digging our streets for drainage networks, they are now digging for fibers and one of the machines accidentally severed one of them!] reading your post was the first thing I did knowing that I am always in for a smile. And guess what, there was a cherry too… a song! Made up for all those hours I waited and couldn’t work! So double thank you! Oh, and Sasha, Spunk and Tesla: shhhh… mind your own business! We like it!

    • Hi Marina. I hate it when they cut the fiber. You can’t get much done without a connection these days. I’m happy I didn’t disappoint you after your ordeal and that I gave you something fun to start the new connection off with. I think the song addresses those severed connections to some extent.

      • It certainly does and I really enjoyed it! (As if the severed fiber wasn’t enough, I’m renewing my hard discs due to problems with 2 of them, which means fun with copying, rescuing etc!!!)

      • I presume these are spinning drives? I’ve discovered you need to keep good backups of solid state drives because when they die they are dead. No recovering them.

      • They are all spinning, SSDs are far too expensive for 6TB+6TB backup / 5TB+5TB backup / 3TBs / 2TBs and more smaller ones! But I’ve just decided to change to a docking station with two slots for the hard discs, instead of covering my desk with lots of boxes [not to mention the plugs + connections!] This way I always have a backup disc to any of my main discs. However one 3TB disc is seriously damaged and if I’m lucky I get a couple of files copied at a time… to the freezer and then back… a looooooong process and every time it does less and less! 🙄

      • Too bad. A real data recovery services cost and arm and a leg. I’m sorry you have to go through that process. You’re getting the cold spin.

        Other World Computing had an out of this world deal a couple of years ago. They put a 4TB SSD drive on sale that fit my MacBook Pro. The original price was $1800. They marked it down to $300. I snatched that up faster than lighting strikes. The old drive in the MackBook pros was failing, and the SSD completely revitalized the computer, plus gave me lots of room for photos. I think the owls had something to do with that deal coming my way. I have a large safe full of backup drives with mainly photo files on those drives.

      • You were really lucky!!!! Yes, I am familiar with their prices! 🙄 For now it looks like not even freezing helps it. It won’t even mount. At least I’ve got 6tb & 4tb safely backed up. Now for cleaning up!!! 😉

  2. I like the line “gurgle sound” in the lyrics a lot. I heard a few gurgle sounds later after the tacos. Spunk’s face pretty much says it. But yeah, that is a fine tunage there.

    • I heard plenty of gurgling after Mi Taco went down. Spunk knows how to express himself. Thanks, Bruce.

    • You are welcome, Flo. I’m happy you liked it. The kitties are silly. Thanks, for stopping by.

  3. Tim – you have star quality! And your kitties add the sparkle and glamour. You have great insights in the lyrics. “Who cares for things we do If there’s little for me and nothing for you…”

    • Thanks, Rebecca. I’m sure you have had those feelings of helplessness over government projects and decisions that are for no good reason other than egos and officials wanting you to believe it’s good for you.

    • Thanks, Mary Jo. We in the minority have good taste. I’m happy you like the parody.

  4. That was fun, not god awful at all! Although I dare say the cats disagree!
    Spunkie-Poo 💋 looks terrified, Sasha looks bored and Tesla looks pissed off! 😀

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