“How do you like my impersonation of a Crane?” Oh, Spunk! I think you look more like Chupacabra. “What do you know stupid Paparazzo?”

“We think Spunk looks a lot like a Crane.” Who asked you Daddy and Mama Owls?

Sandhill Cranes landing at sunset. Another colorful sunset. The sliver moon was just above the trees after sunset.


71 thoughts on “Landings

  1. Lovely sunset, wonderful pair of Owls and Spunk. You can’t ask for anything more, except of course the ducks photobombing some crane shots. Visual delights as usual, Timothy.

    • Thanks Maj & Sher. The owls were hardly visible with the naked eye hiding behind all the branches. Spunk was being his usual silly self. Ducks happen.

  2. Some fabulous crane images, but my favorite is the fifth image from the bottom. I have not seen one quite like that before.
    I’m surprised you could even see the owls …

    • Thanks, Susan. The cranes can get some great poses in the proses of landing. The owls were really hard to see in the branches.

  3. It’s always a treat to see Spunk β€˜s impersonations. Your crane s are beautiful, they seem more blue than ours who are gray. The tail feathers don’t seem as long either. Maybe just the angle. Catching a glimpse if the Owls is my favorite photos. Super post Tim.

    • Hi Holly. The cranes always have a slight blue in their gray in this light. Spunk likes to think he’s impersonable.

    • Spunk was resting up for a night of pacing around the house, and killing his tails and toys.The cranes are so much fun.

  4. I’d be taking pics of cranes if we had any. Pigeons have a neat circle dance!
    I think Spunkie – Poo πŸ’‹ looks more like he’s impersonating a cat paw.
    Beautiful sky, Tim! Great shots.

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