Cold & Cranes


The temperature never rose above freezing today. I walked out to Beaver Point right before sunset, and a group of cranes were hanging out in the Rio Grande, wading around fluffed up to keep warm. There was a lone Canadian goose hanging with the cranes, and a duck floated by and then took off.








36 thoughts on “Cold & Cranes

  1. Beautiful cranes, and of course, the river and the Sandias, too! Your area is a bit colder than ours right now. We had a day in the higher 40s here, although it was mostly grey, a bit of heavily filtered sun.

    • Hi Lavinia. The temps are supposed to get into the high 30’s tomorrow. It might warm up a little more since the forecast is sunshine.

  2. Wonderful pics on what really was a cold day! (Now I think there will be a β€œfrigid morning, fog rising as a mist from the river, cranes highlighted in the rising sun” image from late 2019 or early 2020.) πŸ™‚

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