Trees for Lyn

Young cottonwood

Lyn Wilderdean would like to join the tree club with Mia, Resa, Robin and Holly, and have her own tree. I have posted four available trees that photograph fairly well for Lyn to choose from.

The first two photos are of a young, volunteer cottonwood that propagated in the irrigation water. Laurie raised it from a sapling after it sprang forth around 2002. It’s rare to get volunteer cottonwoods.

The third photo (taken today) and fourth photo (during summer, in bloom) are of our Chitalpa that Tristan gave to Laurie for Mother’s Day in 2002. It was heavily damaged from a late hard frost in 2005. We thought we might lose it, but it has come back in a unique shape.

The fifth photo is a gnarly old cottonwood on the eastern edge of our property. The six photo is a big old cottonwood on the southern edge of the property.


Chitalpa in bloom
Gnarly old cottonwood
Big old cottonwood

28 thoughts on “Trees for Lyn

  1. Wow! I wasnโ€™t expecting you to be so obliging! I am going to go with the chitalpa because Wikipedia says chitalpas are hybrids of catalpas and desert willows, and I have always had an affinity for anything willow related ever since I grew up with a weeping willow in my front yard. I loved that tree so much!

    • Great. That’s a good choice, and it will make it happy to know it’s your tree. The humming birds, sparrows, finches and other small birds, bees and wasps love that Chitalpa. The cat’s like to lie on the bench that’s around it.

  2. Since Lyn chose the Chitalpa, I would like to ask if I could have the big old cottonwood on the south side. Hanging in my bedroom is a photo of it taken on a glorious autumn afternoon years ago… ๐Ÿ™‚ Sisterhood of the Trees is appealing…

    • And Susan calimed the big old cottonwood. I think Tiffany is going to go for the gnarly old cottonwood. No men have showed interest in claiming trees.

    • Hi Charlotte. You aare welcome to claim a tree. We don’t have magnolias out here. It’s too high, dry and cold.

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