36 thoughts on “Storming & Lounging

    • Hi Lyn. You can have a tree. I’m thinking you might like a young cottonwood we’ve been cultivating. Volunteer cottonwoods are rare now that the river doesn’t flood. This one managed to spawn in the irrigation water.

  1. Rain, rain/snow mix, or snow?

    We’ve been waiting all day for snow to come. We might be too far west of the storm to receive any snow as it cartwheels into the plains. Dense fog seems to be our consolation prize.

    • Hi David. Only rain. Snow had been forecast for today and tomorrow, but then it changed to rain today and cloudy tomorrow. It started raining at about 4 am and then rained on and off throughout the day today.

    • Spunk was so happy for me to be lounging with him. Cats think we need to do a lot more lounging with them instead of all our busyness. Thanks, Lavinia.

  2. I love that Spunk is in this post…. along with that fantabulous shot of my Cottonwood Tree.
    You’ll have to dedicate a lot of trees before one this beautifully mystical, and Holly’s tree materialize.
    Do I sound treegotistical?

    • You can be as treegotistical as you want to, Resa. Spunk loves to be in the middle of whatever I’m doing. He helped me get the drone ready to fly, which is a bit of work to get everything calibrated. He wasn’t ready for the think to fly.

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