Laurie’s parents gave me a drone for Christmas. The above video is Spunk’s and my first go at flying it and taking aerial video. Spunk was sort of okay with the drone’s propellers spinning until it took off. Then he made a run for it as the airborne, buzzing beast followed him. The other cats were inside and didn’t partake in droning this go-round.

29 thoughts on “Droning

  1. Great gift…For me it was fun to see a different view of what I have seen many times from ground level. I feel a little sorry for Spunk today, but I know he will rapidly adapt to being around the drone. 🙂

    • Hi Susan. Spunk was all into helping me pair the drone, calibrate the compass and gyros, and the spinning propellers didn’t really bother him much. But when it flew that was too much for him.

  2. That was fun! Great to see your property from another angle… But I guess Spunk will have another opinion…

    • Spunk insisted in coming out and helping set up the drone. He was very involved up until the crazy thing took off. The other kitties think Spunk deserves to be tormented after how much he torments them. Thanks, Dawn.

    • Spunk will adapt. He has the same reaction to the monsters under the bed. He’s mister tough guy and a scaredy-cat at the same time. Thanks, Tiffany.

    • You know that Spunk had to model for me to pay off what he owed us for the things he destroyed. Early in his distructive Spunk career he owed us $600 or $700 for thinks he distroyed. Did you ever see when Spunk did photography and soccer when I had the blog on T&L photos?

    • Spunk thought it was fun until it took off. He’s not into flying objects unless they are birds or hotair balloons. Thanks, Jullie.

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