Reyes in the Snow

Gwendolyn: “You woke me up to tell me about some dumb celebration in the cold and snow?”

The first year we celebrated Reyes in Madrid, Spain it snowed. Not common for Madrid, and apparently Madrid got a lot of snow today. We stood outside in the cold and snow and watched a parade where the three Reyes Magos rode into town on Camels. Then we ate Spanish Chocolate. We have continued the tradition of eating Spanish Chocolate for Epiphany ever since. Today we celebrated outside in the cold and snow with a space heater, chimenea, fire pit, and a camp stove all burning to keep us warm. Since January 6th was on Wednesday, we waited until tonight, January 9th, to celebrate. However, instead of having our normal party with friends and neighbors coming to join in, we had family only. This was the first Reyes in the last 20 years that we didn’t invite everyone to partake in Spanish Chocolate.

The fires.

Silver napping.

Enjoying the heat when the temperature was 35ºF outside.

Spunk napping.

The end of the party before I turned the torches and lantern out.

Glenda: “You are dumb enough to be outside in the cold. I’m staying in my cozy cubby.”

Furry Frost Friday

This may be it for me. I’m tired of WordPress lying and forcing crap on me that I don’t want to deal with. WP techs told me the Classic Editor would always be available through the Admin page. Lowdown and behold, October 1st rolls around and it’s now the Classic “Blockhead” Editor. I’ve been blogging everyday for over 10 years now. Maybe this is a sign to give it up for a while. It’s not that I can’t learn to use the “blockhead” editor, it’s that I’m tired of being forced to use things I don’t want to use and there is no good reason WP has to have a “blockhead” editor and force people to use it.

Cold & Cranes


The temperature never rose above freezing today. I walked out to Beaver Point right before sunset, and a group of cranes were hanging out in the Rio Grande, wading around fluffed up to keep warm. There was a lone Canadian goose hanging with the cranes, and a duck floated by and then took off.








Snowy Kitty In The Window


Spunk could come in the house through the kitty door on the other side of the house (often we let in the front door and he just walks straight through the house and goes right back outside through the kitty door), but he chooses to be a drama queen, and act desperate sitting on the rail outside by the front door, looking sadly in the window, begging us to let him in. Today he was particularly sad, stuck outside, all covered in snow. While Spunk was going through his sad cat routine, Najar jumped up on the window sill to add her two cents worth about how silly he is.