29 thoughts on “The Dilemma

    • Laurie’s doing research on the Bayeux Tapestry. While taking notes on Aelfgyva “..living or dead, whose relationship with a cleric involved some kind of sexual impropriety?…” noted the page number for reference, and low and behold it was on page 666 where Aelfgyva’s indiscretions were taking place.

  1. Phillips 66, known as Conoco everywhere else. Their convenience store/gas station (Conoco) are in better shape, and many have a car wash too. You probably can drive maybe another 50-60 miles on what’s in your tank. I’ve driven with a lot less (on fumes) in heavy traffic, and on I-80 in Iowa, in the middle of nowhere (next service plaza about 20-30 miles down the road) in my Pinto (hwy mileage 32.7). With my Expedition, I make sure I fill up no less than a half tank, especially if I’m pulling a fully loaded horse trailer.

    BTW, I did see a Phillips 66 gas station/convenience store just off I-25 here in COS. It was a Conoco station in a prior life.

    • Hi David. We have Conoco stations down here, also. When my tank gets below 1/4 of a tank, I generally fill it. I’ve done that for years.

  2. This reminds me of the “Soup Nazi” episode from the Jerry Seinfeld sitcom. The quote from the soup vendor is legendary: ‘No soup for you!’.

    • Hi Holly. I drive on old Route 66 for a few blocks every week day. After driving to the office this morning my car now has 15,724 mi.

    • Hi Dale. I have in the past, but I don’t like running driving around on less than a 1/4 tank because it’s easy to put more miles than I have gas in a low tank for while driving around here.

      • I can’t stand it but it has happened involuntarily, trust me! Usually, I also like to fill up when I reach 1/4 of a tank!

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