37 thoughts on “She’s Blue

    • Hi Lavinia. No. That’s another body. I just clear coated the body with Marble. I’ll do a post with that guitar and Marble when I get it put together.

  1. Hi Tim, beautiful blue, cobalt? I’ve missed a lot. Marble is on a guitar? Are you doing guitars with images like the peppers? Btw, Marble looks like she’s a bit disinterested, I can understand. Who wants to watch paint dry? 🙂

  2. Only you, Tim! Now that is one very cool picture. As for that electric blue guitar … and of course Marble sitting in front of the fans (of course!) and let’s not forget the bike, LOVED this!!! You got a huge smile on my face!!

  3. Is that the back of the Marble Guitar?
    Marble is definitely an Art Gowns cat.
    I always wanted a cat with Marble type markings. (Spunk markings, too)
    However, I got what the alleys sent me, black, white and greys.
    Except the Pupkin, who was a ginger tabby. I love them all so much, the little heart breakers!

    • That’s the front of the guitar in that photo. But it will have an image for the finished guitar. Thanks, Resa.

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